HOOQing up with Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim

On Thursday night, the Crime Scene column of The Gotham Times reported a mystery couple being kidnapped, who were also revealed as the new faces of HOOQ. Along with other crime scene investigators, I searched the place and found some clues.

Browse through a selection of crime scene photos and you’ll find a bunch of clues that look quite familiar.

In what could be a clue in the case of the couple that went missing, a photo appeared to be in an evidence bag from the scene of the crime. Can you guess who they are?

The investigation was led by Franco Mabanta aka Commissioner Jim Gordon of Gotham.

After a thorough investigation, the suspect, Joker, was finally arrested and was scheduled to be brought to Gotham City Police Dept. to face charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and reckless endangerment.

Finally, HOOQ's official brand ambassadors were revealed...

Local entertainment sensations, Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola, were both excited about the prospect of HOOQ bringing the best of Hollywood to the Philippines.

 HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service with over 30,000 hours of movies and TV series, proudly presents the newest addition to their extensive collection, the critically acclaimed American crime-drama, Gotham. Gotham stars Ben McKenzie of The OC fame as a young James Gordon in the crime-riddled metropolis of Gotham City.  The show also features other recognizable actors such as Robin Lord Taylor from Law & Order, Donal Logue from Sons of Anarchy, and Jada Pinkett Smith from Hawthorne.

This Hollywood blockbuster series is one of the latest additions to thePhilippines very own video streaming service that provides a huge variety of both international and local TV shows and movies. HOOQ (pronounced “Hook”), an online streaming site that offers laughter, drama, action and adventure rolled into one.HOOQ is the first video streaming service in the Philippines to offer access to Gotham.

Gotham Mayor aka HOOQ Country Manager Jane Cruz-Walker said, “Filipinos are content-savvy, and enjoy a wide range of entertainment. With HOOQ, everything is in one platform, so whether you to watch blockbuster Hollywood TV series like Arrow and the Flash, telenovelas from ABS-CBN or GMA, and even great movie classics, you can watch them all on HOOQ.”

Now, you can get your daily dose of local and Hollywood movies care of HOOQ for just P149.99 monthly. I agree with the HOOQ Mayor because with the mobile lifestyle of Filipino today, most of us would just like to watch movies on our tablets and cellphones while waiting in the airport, having a manicure in a salon, and even during traffic. Indeed, HOOQ is very convenient and reliable.

HOOQ was pretty serious though when they said you’ll get the best of Hollywood and Pinoy entertainment on HOOQ. Check out Xian and Jessy enjoying the best Hollywood can offer.

Here are some of the scenes filmed by Dylan Pharazyn and shot by Oscar-winning Director of Photography Russel Boyd.

This start-up venture of Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment launched first in the Philippines last March, then rolled out to Thailand and India.Aside from content from their partners at Sony and Warner Bros., HOOQ also carries titles from Miramax, Disney, Captive Media and DreamWorks Classic Media.

Well, it's pretty easy to get HOOQd with an app that was designed for unlimited entertainment through any internet-enabled device. You can access HOOQ on your computer, tablet, and your smartphone. HOOQ is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Simply download the app on either Google Play or the Apple App Store for your portable device, or simply log onto www.HOOQ.tv on your computer browser for access to their library of entertainment.HOOQ is the first video-on-demand service in the world to allow downloading up to five movies on the app for offline viewing.

All new users can try out this exciting new service for the first 30 days entirely free by signing up on the site. After the 30-day trial, customers can continue their subscription by charging the affordable P149 monthly subscription fee to their Globe mobile phone or credit card.  HOOQ also comes bundled with Tattoo Broadband plans from 2Mbps and up.

So what are you waiting for? Get HOOQd and enjoy!


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