From Restorateur to Beauty Entrepreneur

To say Castrillo’s life was busy is an understatement. With her core competence in the culinary arena, she worked as kitchen manager and part owner of Tequila Joe's Alabang from the year 2000 to 2003; then she was part owner of the Good Earth Restaurant until 2008 and is now part owner of Prime 101 restaurant.

“I felt that the stresses of my job and life took their toll on my looks,” Castrillo said. “So, when I found Up&Up, I decided to build a business around it. Because everyone has their own stresses and I wanted to offer a safe, effective, affordable and non-invasive option to the cosmetic procedures available.”

Her newest endeavor, Riantique Global Inc. is a company she founded in January to provide quality skin care, health and beauty products. The firm is engaged in the business of importing and distributing cosmetic, skin care, medical, and pharmaceutical products including food supplements on a wholesale or retail basis.

“We are committed to empowering you to become a self starter when it comes to your own personal improvement by providing you with safe, affordable, and innovative products that enhance and restore timeless beauty,” Castrillo said, words that are now part of her the Riatique mission and vision.

Her company’s flagship offering, Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum by Yuyu Healthcare Inc., is a non-surgical solution for enhancing beauty and restoring the skin’s youthful glow in an instant. Riantique  is the exclusive distributor of Yuyu Healthcare products in the Philippines.

According to Castrillo, Up&Up is a “revolutionary new concept in skin rejuvenation from Korea” that provides a safe, affordable and non-surgical solution to skin problems associated with aging like sagging eyelids, eyebags, inelastic cheeks, crow's feet, enlarged pores and hidden neckline. This product was specifically formulated to revitalize damaged skin by regenerating elasticity and repairing wrinkled skin while whitening.

She added that Up&Up “quickly penetrates skin to improve elasticity; visibly lifts skin, smooths its surface, fills up wrinkles, reduces pore size and regenerates collagen and elastin.”

“I wanted to find a solution to my own beauty problems, but I am scared of surgery, botox and other invasive procedures,” Castrillo said. “It was like magic, my sagging, full eye bags lifted right before my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I noticed immediately that my eye bags had lightened. This is it! I have found my magic potion. I can sell this and share my experience with others.”

Up&Up is easy to use, Castrillo said, quoting the instructions on the product: “Combine two ready-to-mix formulas into a gel-like mixture one can apply to the face and neck.”

The tightening effect, she said, signals the process of skin rejuvenation. “This product does not contain any parabens, mineral oil, triethanolamine or other harmful chemicals,” she said. “Even people with skin allergies will be able to use it.” Up&Up, she added, contains no artificial coloring.

“In fact, it has been proven safe to use on all skin types by Sae Myung Herbal Biology Industrial Clinic,” Castrillo said, adding that “Riatique is also doing its due dilligence in having our Food and Drug Authority test Up&Up to confirm that it is safe for human use.”



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