Have a Snacktacular Weekend at OishiSnacktacular 2015

I'm a huge fan of Oishi Prawn Crackers and I wouldn't want to miss an O, Wow! and super fun, snacktacular day at OishiSnacktacular 2015. It is a three-day event (August 7-9) and a fun worthwhile family activity filled with snacks, surprises, and more!

The event was hosted by Elmo Magalona, Ramon Bautista, and Slater Young, held at Trinoma Activity Center last August 7. This year's event is definitely bigger (literally) and even more fun! Snackus maximus, indeed!

Oishi lovers were encouraged to be creative snack makers, giving everyone the opportunity to roam around the Trinoma Activity Center. Customers enjoyed all sorts of activities and treats. An exhilarating and creative field of play, this event boasted some of the most unique and simply O, Wow activity booths for family and friends to enjoy! Check this out!

If grabbing snacks is a crime, I plea guilty because I really love the Oishi Snack Catcher. You'll get strapped into a harness and dipped into a pool of Oishi goodies. It's grab all you can and all you grab is yours! For only P120 per ride, you can get as much as 180+ chips! Amazeballs! Slater got 157 bags and so far, the 'Record Catch' of 187‬ snacks hasn't been beaten yet. So you still have a chance to try the Snack Catcher tomorrow! 

Elmo Magalona tried the OishiSnackCatcher
Here's a tip on how to beat the Record Catch: Be like a shrimp, act like a shrimp! Keep calm and do it Oishi Prawn Cracker style! :)   

My friend Erica did the Oishi prawn/shrimp style and got more than 80 snacks! :)
Kean Cipriano grabbed one too! 

After an exhilarating experience at the SnackCatcher, have your thirst quenched with Oishi’s very own Smart C+ slushies at the Sluch C+ booth for only P20. Sooo refreshing!

For another P20, you can visit the Oishi O-Twirl booth and get your sweet tooth satisfied with a special soft-serve sundae made from Oishi Choco Chug Chocolate Milk Drink topped with their favorite Oishi sweet and savory treats like Oishi Pillows, WafuLeche Flan, Gourmet Picks Potato Chips and Marty’s Baconette Strips.

I really love the Choco Chug choco milk 'cause it's so creamy and delicious. Then, I topped it with some wafer toppings, Wafu and Pillows! Super yum! Not in the photo because that was my first serving. LOL

Also, I created my own snack at the Make Your Own Snack booth. For P20, get a personalized bag of Oishi where you can pick out from a selection of Oishi chips to go along with different flavors such as cheese, barbecue and nori. I chose my favorite ridges and potato chips with cheese and white cheddar powder.

For just P295, you can try the Snack Shack and fill up a ginormous, limited edition 2 ft. Oishi giant pack with all your favourite Oishi snacks and beverages in 60 seconds. Just grab all you can but make sure to seal your pack!

Another surprise were the special celebrity guests who were the servers at each Oishi station. Now that’s some kind of special service!

After getting your snack haul at the Snack Shack, go to the Pack & Pose booth and strike your hottest pose inside the giant bag of Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers!

Oh, and for the raffle, my dear friends from the media won a limited edition 4 ft. giant Oishi pack and GCs!

Want to win a 4ft. giant Oishi pack full of your Oishi favorites plus P2000 worth of GCs? Go and grab some munchies this weekend at Trinoma!

Here's the mechanics on how to join the raffle;

1. Complete all stamps on your Pass to Wow by participating in all 6 booth activities.
2. Submit your completed Pass to Wow at the Registration area to receive your free Oishi shirt.
3. Fill up the back of your pass with your name and contact details, then cut along the dotted link and  drop the stub in the dropbox. Winners will be picked on Sunday at 4pm by Team O!

Oh, and KathNiel will be there this Sunday or as I like to call it, day 3 of HUGE and uber wild crowd with lots of fun & surprises . :)

Get ready to be O-wowed by Team O! Catch Alex Gonzaga, the latest member of the Team O barkada to join the current line-up of Elmo Magalona, Kathryn Bernardo, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista and Daniel Padilla who all effortlessly turn up the O, Wow factor for their fans and Oishi lovers.

This event is super fun and the game booths are brilliant. Genius, really! An O, Wow weekend, indeed! It was so much fun keeping up with fun and games, and I sure hope they'll have another one next year. Thanks Oishi Philippines and Bridges for the invite!

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Any comments, my dear?