Top 10 Restaurants You Must Try in Boracay

I ❤ Boracay! 

There are so many things to love about this island. Whether you're suffering from the lack of vitamin "Sea" or you just want to show off your #dadbod or #beachbod, you could find a lot of reasons to love this place. It doesn't matter how many times you've been to Boracay in your entire life, what matters most is that you get to enjoy every second of it. The beach and the food, mostly.

A trip to Boracay can cure a bad mood and so can good food. So, we've taste-tested to bring you the must-try restaurants that you can add to your eat-inerary. My list is a mix of old classics, new food discoveries, and secret spots you should be trying out in your next Boracay trip.

Let me share with you a quick rundown of my Top 10 Must-Visit restaurants in Boracay;

1.  Spice Bird. This is one of our newest food discoveries in Boracay. Stumbling upon Spice Bird is like unearthing a new treasure. So I suggest that when you go here, pull up a chair and order some of the best piri-piri grilled pork or chicken in the island. It is located behind the ferris wheel, right smack in the middle of D'mall Plaza.

Their bestsellers? Grilled Piri-piri boards. Piri-Piri Chicken Board, Piri-Piri Pork Board and the shrimp board.

I really love the Piri-Piri grilled pork that's so tender and dressed with their popular piri-piri sauce. It comes with a side salad, milky roll, veggie chips and a delicious mountain of spice rice. 1/4 chicken costs P270 and the half chicken costs P475.

 Piri-Piri Shrimp Board Gambas style costs P290. Yum! And these, my friend, are the spices...

2.  Modern Asia by Chef Miner. Located at Ferra Hotel near the Lake Town, the restaurant's yummy breakfast choices like the garlic beef tapa is like heaven on a plate and an absolute must try!

This is by far the best garlic beef tapa I've tried, with a well balanced sweetness and the right garlicky flavor that we Filipinos love. The meat was perfectly cooked, served with your choice of egg dish, and garlic fried rice. The meal also comes with your choice of brewed coffee, fruit juice or tea, and their fruit of the day. 

I also love the Bacon & Cheese Overload. Overloaded with cheesy goodness, with its three cheese omelette, bacon and French toast. It was simply heavenly. My hubby and daughter seated next to me were oohing and aahing between bites. :)

Try the luscious and super moist chocolate cake for dessert and the fresh fruit platter!

Don't miss the cocktails at the roof-deck bar called The Ruf. Every hour spent here is a happy hour.

3.  You must also try the Happy Hour drinks at Villa Caemilla for beach lounging while watching the sunset! The fruits shakes and the Paradise Cooler is a must try.  Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel (formerly Villa Camilla) is a beachfront resort located at Station 3. This place is ideal for travelers looking for good food and a little peace and quiet.

Again, please don't forget to try the Paradise Cooler. Trust me, this is one drink you’ll have no problem enjoying alone.

4. Smoke Resto. It is located at the far side of D'Mall and they serve the finest Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. Their bestsellers are the ff; Bulalo, Kao pad, Salpicao 

5. Boracay Toilet Bar & Restaurant. Swoon over this fun and unique concept resto, the first of its kind in the island of Boracay. Located in Balabag Plaza at Station 1, you can enjoy delicious Filipino fusion food in a unique table setting.

The Boracay Toilet is not for the faint-of-heart foodie, offering a menu of unique recommendations scribbled on – you guessed it – a toilet!

The toilet concept is nothing new. I've read about it from other countries but in Boracay, this is definitely the first. The interiors, tables and chairs as well as the menu are all toilet-themed so you'll see a lot of toilet seats, tissue holders and urinals around the place. You can even eat out from a potty and I promise you won't puke! And no, you won't hear that flushing sound after you drink your iced tea.

We ordered the Pinoy favorite Sizzling Sh*t-sig, seafood platter, some crispy crap (chicken fingers) and pan-sh*t. I really love the food, in general. The seafood platter is so-so tho.

As many things as there are to love about Boracay Toilet, you can take funny and wacky photos at their photo wall. And the best part is, you can have as many lip-smacking, poop-smashing photos as you want.

If you haven't tried eating inside a comfort room or eating from a toilet bowl, this wacky-themed restaurant will definitely give you a unique and crazy fun dining experience.

6.  Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. Let’s cut to the chase and talk about their calamansi muffin, the kind of muffin you'll just keep coming back to. You must never leave Boracay without trying it. Seriously, it's a sure win!

A truly delicious treat and pasalubong that's gone viral, the calamansi muffin is popular on and off the beach. Enjoy it with a refreshing glass of calamansi juice, or sip on cala-mango shake! Try their coffee or tea, or order one of each and share your drinks with your bae.

Calamansi everything.. calamansi juice, calamansi muffins and cala-mango shake!

7.  barLO Restaurant at Two Seasons Boracay.  Located in Station 1, it is known for its signature thinly sliced four cheese pizza with the crust happily burnt in a crisp. It is an absolute must try.

Unique to Two Seasons Boracay only, the Oyster Sisig is seriously de-li-cious.

For something a little sweeter, try the desserts. I got a molten chocolate cake with a scrumptious layer of caramel-ly filling in between layers of pineapple and vanilla ice cream as a birthday treat, which I really love!

8.  Zuzuni Restaurant. Must try? Mati Sin Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (P290)  A dessert as delicious as it is visually beautiful. It was sooo good, I almost cried.

 But that's not all, Zuzuni Boracay offers an amazing menu of Greek food!

9. I Love Backyard BBQ Restaurant. Located at the D Mall, Station 2 of Boracay, it is a must try for barbeque lovers. Their Famous BBQ sauce, which I believe is made of peanuts, is really delicious.

Must try: Pulled Pork and chicken BBQ to satisfy your carb cravings.

10.  Munchies Boracay. Located in the heart of the island near Lake Town on the road to Ferra Hotel, they have yummy and affordable pizza, fajitas, burgers and more. A great choice for a quick meal that won't break your budget. Try the fajitas on a sizzling plate! 

Plus, we weren't able to resist the urge to make tusok-tusok the fish balls at Manong's cart in front of this small resto. So, I think I won't be eating more fish balls anytime soon. Access denied!

More than the popular chori burger, fruit shakes at Jonah's, eat-all-you-can buffets, or the paluto at Station 3, make the most of your trip to Boracay and make sure you drop by these restaurants. These are just some of the must-try food places to really enjoy this island's bounty. So indulge and treat yourself to some of these yummy eats!

Also, if you're craving for some beyond-the-beach excitement, try my list of  Top 10 Things to do in Boracay which includes the G-Max Reverse Bungy instead of settling for just some people watching and sitting on the beach. :) Check out our video here. :)

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