Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon: Mix, Roll and Bake with Maia

Cinnamon roll? Yes please! 

Maia is really into Cinnabon and that's perfectly fine because Cinnabon loves Maia too. The love is mutual. She has been professing her love for these cinnamon rolls since she was 3 years old! I'm a little jealous but it has always been one of my favorite "cheat treats" as well. 

That's why she was so freakin' happy when we were invited to the exclusive Cinnabon baking session featuring the new Mixed Berry Minibon, at Cinnabon Store, Estancia at Capitol Commons yesterday. 

What could be better than a big, fat Cinnamon roll? A Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon!
While Cinnabon has been making the world famous cinnamon roll for decades, they give the latest offering that everyone should try. And that's the newest Mixed Berry Minibon. The "mini" sounds like a smaller option at Cinnabon but it's definitely the next big thing in indulgence.

Who runs the world? Swirls. Oh, and girls. My little girl whipped up a bunch of cinnamon rolls in 20 minutes flat. She had fun baking and learned how to mix, roll & bake the mouthwatering Mixed Berry MiniBon.

Now, let's bake a memory. 

Maia started putting some margarine on the dough..

This is how we roll..

The dough was cut up in 2.5 inches and then, they are ready to bake.

Cinnabon rolls take approximately 15 minutes to bake. Here are the freshly baked rolls straight out of the oven and they came out great! Good job, baby girl. Good job. 

The Happiest Swirl | Girl in the World 
Then it was my job to do the taste test. haha Actually, it is my dream job. So if you ask me if would I do it again? Gladly, down to the last bite. :)

My hubby often points out my strange eating habit because every time I eat a meal, I always save the "best bite" for last. Say, I would save what I thought was going to be the best bite for the last bite. So the only time we fight is when he steals my last bite.

Good thing he wasn't around and I got to taste test my last bite of Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon. Here's the verdict..

I'm such a forgetful person but it's the last bite I'll ever remember because it's positively delicious! I love the new fun twist to the traditional sweet Makara cinnamon filled with cream cheese frosting. It is uniquely combined with lemon, tart berry flavor and plush purple fruit toppings, which I really love.

All that goodness, wrapped in a tiny taste of heaven. It doesn’t get much better than chowing down on its swirly deliciousness. Fluffy, soft and drenched with delicious berries and cream cheese frosting, the minibon is to die for. 

It is a burst of flavors with its dough smooth, tender and slightly chewy, a frosting that is grainy and melts evenly, and finally glazed with soft berry pieces for a tangy fruity pie experience. The delicious berry flavors paired with the exceptional quality of the ingredients used in each Cinnamon roll makes for an unparalleled experience. It was sinfully good!

Nothing says I love you like sharing your Minibon so we brought home a Cinnapack for hubby. Of course, dad deserves some sweetness too. Here's our short but sweet convo;

Me: Have you tried the Mixed Berry Minibon?
Hubby: Yes.
Me: And?
Hubby: OMG! 

I'm guessing he wants more! :) 

Baking with Maia was such a fun learning experience. Thank you, Cinnabon. I love you. So does my daughter, down by her mixing, rolling, baking and stuffing her face off her minibon. :)

It's one of our favorites to bring to any special occasion. So if you're craving for something sweet, gooey and delicious, get your Minibon dose for today and make sure you stop by at Estancia Mall or at any of the other 15 branches of Cinnabon so you can try this yummy treat! Cinnabon Mixed Berry Minibon is available for a limited-time-only in all Cinnabon Philippines stores nationwide, so grab one now while you still can.

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Any comments, my dear?