Top 50 Things I'm Thankful for in 2014

It's officially the last day of the year. I have less than one day to finish the book of 2014 and I want to make the last chapter a meaningful one.

'Tis the season to give thanks to God, as well as the people and things that have changed and improved our lives. I honestly don't know how some people sit around and say all the bad things of 2014, when there are pages upon pages of blessings. Whatever it is, there's always something to be thankful for.
Sometimes it's so easy to forget how blessed my life is, but I always try to look back with a smile on what was a good year filled with blessed and happy moments.

I'm thankful for all of the good and the bad. From the tears, to the smiles, and all of the drama in between, here are the 50 things I'm most thankful for this year.

1. My family. My hubby, for never getting tired of me and my shambles. That being said, I’m very lucky to still be married. And of course, my daughter who means the world to me.

2. Having a new Shuttercount logo and being able to run our own business with the amazing Shuttercount Team (Benj, Ed, LA, Rayan, Jhun, PJ, JR, Marlon and MelJohn). Let’s face it, while at some point or another, we all complain about having to work, but it’s what pays the bills to enjoying vacations and buying material things. I’m grateful ever since we started Shuttercount, and we are so happy to be ranked #1 by Photo-Video at Smart Parenting. :)

Thanks to my hubby's former Manager who terminated him. LOL It was a blessing in disguise that made him decide to start our own business, where we landed a new role (like a boss) and haven’t looked back since.

3. My family/parents who I seldom see but always ended every phone call with, “I love you. Miss you.”

4. My in laws. I’m so lucky to have joined another loving and supportive family.

5. The Social Network. (Not the movie.) Since getting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I’ve spent sleepless nights and countless hours online building the platforms to not only build my personal blog and Shuttercount but also connect and engage with some people from PR companies and with fellow bloggers , some of which I consider very close friends today.

6. Similarly, I received holiday/Christmas gifts from PR companies who trust my platform to write and promote their products. Thank you to Unilever, Morellato, Versace Jeans, Stratworks, Jollibee, FuentesManila, SVRInfinity, Master Hanz Cua, Jergens, Romwe, Domex, Digital Circles, Ogilvy, Mondelez Philippines (Cadbury, Oreo, Tang) Fisher Farms, Villa del Conte, Lazada, Underground Cosmetics, L'Oreal and Instax for the Christmas gifts. :) Like an overwhelmed spoilt little kid, my heart is full & grateful.

7. Learning from so many mistakes, so many challenges, so many hard falls, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. They are just some of life’s most effective teachers. I believe that the things we didn't want to happen are exactly what we needed to make us a stronger and better person.

8. Discovering a new food joint, round the corner from our home. And smelling the fresh bread and coffee in Subway.

9. Taking my six year old daughter on her first field trip: from feeding the animals at the zoo to admiring the penguins at Manila Ocean Park to touching some butterflies at the butterfly garden. Who'd have thought I'd enjoy those small things? For the most part, I love being her PA slash Yaya slash "Aliping Sagigilid" slash Mom. Beyond all that, I sort of love going to the zoo and I have a thing for dinosaurs.

10. Learning to use the manual settings of my camera. :)

11. Having the opportunity to travel often, both personally and for my blog. Traveling to Boracay twice courtesy of Berocca and Century Tuna, and going to  Azalea Residences in Baguio with my blogger friends.
Chilly February morning in Hong Kong
Century Tuna Superbods event in Boracay
Berocca event in Boracay

Event in Azalea Residences, Baguio
Hong Kong Dec 2014

12. Spending our Christmas Eve together with fambam at the foggy zigzag road to Sagada, then spelunking for 5 hours the next day. Having some quality time and being able to reach home safe and sound.

Christmas in Sagada
13. Our pup, Humphry. He is very obedient, loyal and sweet. Not all dogs are created equal, I guess.

14. Making new friends and bonding with old friends. Sounds like a cliche since I'm a blogger and it's a bit weird how we met online, but each day, it amazes me how we help and support each other. Huge shout out to my loves; Fab Four, Lamyerda Moms, Migui's Gym Buddies, OB Moms and Mommy Bloggers Philippines. It's really incredible this little online world of ours can create a big ball of love and friendship! That's why I gave the sweetest gifts to my sweetest friends, personalized Toblerone! Definitely one of the best ways to give thanks & show how grateful I am for having them.

Fab Four Moms
Lamyerda Moms
Mommy Bloggers Philippines Photo credit: Mommy Joy Gurtiza
Migui's Gym Buddies/ Fit Fam #gympamore #balikalindogprogram #pushpamore

OB Moms
15. Living in a neighborhood where I feel safe, and a place that's very near the malls and accessible to everything.

16. Free wi-fi at airports, restaurants, malls, etc. Without it, life would be, well, boooooring.

17. No alarm clocks and not having to wake up early for work or worry about getting late.

18. Our car with the best and sweetest driver, and not having to wait at the taxi lane in times of heavy traffic and heavy rain.

19. When the guy in front of me in line at the grocery store lets me go ahead because I have fewer items.

20. The best things in life are not always things. Sometimes they come in random moments so crazy and so funny, I laugh so hard until my jaw hurts and my stomach aches.

21. Product reviews. :) And OOTDs. LOL

22. Lazy Sunday mornings. Or better yet, lazy weekends. Best? Lazy weekdays! Yes, I'm lazy like that.

23. Toblerone cheesecakes. What a glorious celebration of chocolate + cheesecake.

24. Impromptu meet-ups or coffee dates with friends. #Biglaanglakad

25. Finding the last pair of shoes with the right fit in the Sale aisle. Love.

26. My favorite bag. It’s cliché, but I’m emotionally attached to it.

27. Learning to leave the negative things and negative people behind. Dropping someone who is self serving and ignoring those who constantly rant can help you have a more peaceful and better life. Promise.

28. My daughter's teachers. I can see how disciplined and well behaved my daughter is, so I'm pretty sure they're doing a great job.

29. Zumba classes.  I look forward to it every. single. time.

30. My gym buddies who never fail to drag me to go to the gym and motivate me to be fit and healthy, plus giving a post-workout treat like milktea. How can you not be thankful for them?

31. Positive feedback from happy clients. Plus cute Shuttercount babies. They are just so stinking cute and so adorbs.

32. The stranger who helped me at one of my darkest hours/ helped me carry 3 heavy bags from an event and even tried to help me get a cab #RushHour #PaydayFriday (no easy task). #LifeSaver #GoodSamaritan Yes, they still exist.

33. Scoring the "last bite" of every meal.

34. Starbucks Planner. For helping me add some action plans for 2015;

Think creatively.
Do what you say you will.
Enjoy life.
Try something new.
Help others.
Find your passion.
That's the plan.

35. Losing weight and reaching my goal of 97 lbs. Then gaining 10 lbs back. No regrets though, because I really love to eat up and be merry. No need to feel guilty, I'm just happy to be alive at this amazing point in time.

36. Fun grocery shopping with my friends. I'm oddly a big fan of grocery shopping that brings out the domesticated mom in me. Video, or it never happened. Check it out:

37. Hoodie and sweaters, for hiding my fats and love handles.

38. Boiled eggs, fruits, and salads... curing hunger pangs one bite at a time.

39. Coffee. Without it, I'd be miserable and I'd prolly sleep and won't be able to finish this blog post. Seriously.

40. Milktea. Just like coffee, without it, I'd prolly have more money but who wants that? Obviously, not me.

41. Super cute and stylish workout clothes. Working out in style feels so much better.

42. Forever 21 Cards. Without them, my green dress for the New Year's eve may not exist in my closet. Thanks a bunch, F21! :)

43. Fun-filled events, especially those events for moms and kids where my daughter can have so much fun like Hi-5, Barbie, Marvel, Halloween Parties, etc.

44. Having some ME time--> makeovers and some pampering at the salon/spa.

45. Feeling like a kid again, catching the wind and blowing in a pinwheel. Hashtag HappyKid

46. Going on movie dates/lunch dates/dinner dates/midnight dates/drive-thru dates/get lost dates. All kinds.

47. Being a brand ambassador, and helping to empower women to find their rhythm with fitness, health & wellness!

48. Hotel staycations. Thanks to The District Boracay, Azumi Hotel, Bellini Suites, Sun Villa Boracay, Orion Hotel, One Pacific Hotel, F21 Hotel and Azalea Residences in Baguio!

49. Changing from a boring, non-ideal, stressful job, to one I actually enjoy, one I am passably good at, and lets me work with some of the most amazing people and clients to be found anywhere. Being able to do what I love as a full-time WAHM each and every day, and to those people who make it possible…

50. YOU! Of all the things I'm thankful for, I sincerely thank my readers, who make posting to this little blog worthwhile. I cannot thank each of you enough for your support of my blog & Shuttercount, and I never expected I'd get almost 4 million pageviews. For that, I thank you!

Wishing everyone a happy 2015 with the people you love, and here's hoping for another wonderful year to be thankful for.

That leads me back to the question... What are you thankful for in 2014?  Share them in the comments section below.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year and cheers to new adventures. 2015, bring it on!