Azalea Residences, Your Holiday Haven in Baguio City

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love."
-Ernest Hemingway

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. And by light, I mean taking off all the stress, bad vibes, fears, and anxieties and bringing your loved ones for a weekend getaway. A real holiday or vacay. Not just a shopping trip or a trip to an event. I love those, don’t get me wrong, but with Christmas fast approaching, I couldn't help daydream about going on an out-of-town trip.

Sitting quietly in a balcony around the fresh scented pine trees and cold windy breeze, while drinking a hot cup of Tsokolate de Batirol. Can you guess the place?

Well, I'm pretty sure you already know I'm talking about Baguio City, one of our family's favorite destination. Last weekend though was kinda different because I went there with my blogger besties. I thought that, for a change, a girlfriends’ getaway was also a perfect way to escape the daily grind and regain some of my sanity.  I couldn't ask for better friends though.. maybe more normal and not the crazier ones but what fun would that be? I love them to bits!

Where to start? The location, of course. We stayed at Azalea Residences in Baguio City.

Located along Leonard Wood which is near the popular tourist spots, it’s the site I would buy if I were Oprah and planning a move into the hotel business. Seriously, it has a great location and is conveniently located near malls and the city market, making it a great choice for families who want to go shopping. You don't need to go far to buy souvenirs and Baguio’s famous pasalubong and strawberries.

The surroundings exhilarate. The views, the unsullied majestic flower globe, and facade are outstanding. The style is contemporary and modern, with lots of light and space and just the right combination of colors - greys, blacks, creams, and browns. The flowers and pine trees which form the backdrop help, of course.

Upon arrival, the warmth comes wrapped up in admirable courtesy and concern from both the front desk staff, and manager who greeted us with warm smiles and on occasion, laugh. We were given welcome drinks and towels to help us cool down and freshen up a bit. The staff were very friendly and helpful, from the sharply-suited young ladies at the front desk, to the Bell Service staff who were more than willing to assist us with our luggage and happily pitched us in towards our room which is really worth finding.

Being the first all-suite vacation residence with the full services and amenities of a serviced apartment, it is only in Azalea Residences where you can experience the luxury of a hotel but with the comforts of home.

A handful have balconies, and the higher up you book, the better the view. Our room has balcony and the view was breathtaking. The room was spotlessly clean, cozy and has a homey vibe.

Complete with a huge sofa bed and a flat screen TV with cable connection, toilet and bath with hot and cold water, (the two-bedroom and three-bedroom suite’s has a separate master toilet) dining table and chairs and crockery: kitchen appliances and utensils: coffee and tea-making facilities; queen sized beds with imported bed linens, among others. And of course, the most important of all, a strong and fast Wi-Fi connection.

They also have a playground for kids, and other amenities like business center, NDD-DDD-IDD, travel concierge, laundry and dry cleaning services.

Also, it's the little things that matter the most, like the not-so-little basket of fruits and sweet turndown treats, a gesture which reaps happiness out of all proportion.

The buffet breakfast at Tradisyon Coffee Shop, the hotel's flagship restaurant, was really sumptuous and very satisfying.  They offer a buffet brunch from 11 am to 3 pm every Friday to Sunday.

You can also enjoy the Hot Pot Night for some Shabu-Shabu every Friday. During Thursdays, you can choose what you like and cook how you like with the Mongolian Buffet dinner. They also have Pizza Pasta Buffet that can be availed of during Saturdays. They are affordably priced, with the buffet ranging from Php 220 / pax to Php 395 / pax.

And because our room has a spacious and fully-equipped kitchen, we were able to cook some delicious dishes for our group's cooking challenge.  I like the fact that we can also prepare our own food and we can ask the staff for the cooking utensils. They let us use it free of charge.

Our group's special dish, Coco Azalea, and our yummy dessert made of fresh strawberries, Graham crackers and Nutella.

Sarah's group: Strawberry Garden Pasta
Ms. Minnie's dish: Manok na nangingitlog sa Baguio
Refreshing mango-strawberry shake
Overall, Azalea Residences is one of the best places to stay in Baguio City and we truly enjoyed  our stay. So whether you are a haven-of-peace sort of person or someone who is looking for a quick yet fun getaway with family or friends, then this is your sort of place.

Indeed, it is a holiday haven that exudes the warmth of a home, away from home. If hotels could speak, this one would be screaming "Come home," and yes, I will surely be coming back home with my fam bam soon.

And before you ask yourself, "can it really be that good?" Trust me, yes it can. :)

For more deets, just call the Hotel Reservations Direct Line at ( 074) 424 8716 or  ( 074) 4248166 or Manila Reservations at (02) 4501151 or (0917) 861 1641 or  (0919) 9944140 or email or visit
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  1. Just went from Baguio as well last month. Maybe we'll try this place next year. Super ganda ng place ha, and the food looks so delicious. I hope they have a good service


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