Product Review: Earn Money while Looking Fabulous with Limitless Possibilities

One thing that I love to do that nothing can stop me from pursuing, is being a working mom. I want to fuel our family life with as much passion as I give to blogging as well as our photo-video business, Shutter Count.
Limitless Body Soap, Limitless Beauty Face Cream, Limitless Facial Toner, Limitless Facial Wash, Tamara Day Lotion, Tamara Night Lotion 
That way, I can live out my passion while being a working mom.
When I ask God what I was really passionate about, amazing doors began to open. What I am doing now doesn’t feel like work. I look forward to ‘working’ and it has been such a blessing to our family.

However, becoming a working mom does not mean you have to stop taking care of yourself.  After all, we're just a bunch of ladies learning to balance life, beauty, and health while maintaining phenomenal and productive lives! That's why I put self-care on my to-do list so I can take care of others and in order to continue doing what I love.

While I was looking for beauty products, I bumped into the website of Limitless Possibilities and got really curious about their products. Aside from the products, I also found out that they offer a simple, easy, and effective program that rewards everyone to earn. Now that's a pretty good news for those who want to earn money while looking fabulous.

I got this set of  beauty products online and here's a quick product review:

The facial cleanser comes in a tall transparent spray bottle that is a good option for travelling. The main reason I was curious to try this cleanser was certainly the toner and facial cream that comes along with the cleanser, and I must add I totally love using this set of skin care products.

The cleanser has a very runny consistency and has a mild scent. It lathers very well and only little amount is required. I have combination oily skin, my main concern is occasional breakouts and to keep pores clean. It does a great job at removing all the dirt and grime along with light makeup. It rinses off easily and gives a squeaky clean feeling.

Limitless Facial Toner has a natural moisturizer and ingredients that control oily skin.  It also comes in a spray bottle. I like to apply it on my face using a cotton pad. You can just apply at least three pumps then don't rinse it off, just let it stay on your face. It controls the oil and it keeps my skin moisturized all day.

I also like the Limitless Facial Cream. It has an anti-aging and whitening ingredients with Suncat, an organic sunscreen with SPF 35, UVA + UVB.  I use it as a base prior to makeup application and  it can also be a primer for foundation.

Limitless Whitening Body Soap is my favorite because aside from the kikay pink color, it has whitening and moisturizing ingredients. While I really liked the little scrubbies and the ultra clean feeling of this soap, it has a fruity, fresh scent that lingers into your skin. After you scrub and rinse you are left with a faint fruity scent. I know it’s a minor detail but I am VERY sensitive to smells.

The soap comes in a white box and it's tightly wrapped in plastic seal. There's a product description, ingredients, and directions on the back. There is also manufacture and expiry date on the side. I also like the fact that it is locally made. While this whitening soap is perfect for ladies who want to have whiter skin, curious guys may be tempted to experience some of the fruity, citrusy, soapy delight.

What I really like about the Limitless Body Lotions (Day and Night) is that it has SPF for sun protection while keeping the skin soft, smooth and protected. I have been using these for a week now and have to say I really like it!  It is very soft on the skin, not too thick, not greasy, and has a lovely scent. This formula has a moisturizing effect and I think it makes a difference in the silky feel.

Overall, I like these skin care products from Limitless Possibilities. Not only they offer amazing products, they also allow us to earn money at the same time! One way of earning with Limitless Possibilities is via network marketing or growing an organization. Plus there are other ways to earn too: sponsoring, rewards, and selling personal care products. You can also know more about Limitless Possibilities by joining their Product and Business Presentation.

So take the first step to limitless possibilities. This is a must try for anyone willing to open themselves up to a new world of beauty and/or to participate more fully in the new world that is fast approaching.

For those who are interested in trying out new beauty products and earning at the same time, check out Limitless Possibilities on Facebook Hashtag #iamlimitless

Have a fabulous Monday, lovelies!



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