Keep Calm and Juice On with Juice Jab

I have always been intrigued why the likes of Cristine Reyes, Divine Lee and Bubbles Paraiso are all fans of juice detox from Juice Jab. So I decided to try it and it was refreshingly easy and simple as the juices were delivered to my door which takes all the hassle out of it.

I got the Strong Jab which is a three-day juice detox and came in six flavors with cute and handy pear-shaped bottles – they were perfectly labeled with numbers and all I had to think about was drinking them every few hours with lots of water. The three-day intensive juice cleanse is designed to feed my body with the vegetable juice in order to naturally get rid of toxins leaving me in a more balanced state.

The benefits of juice cleanse are the ff:
  • Boost your immune system, and  increase in your energy and mental clarity.
  • Great way to re-energize and kick-start weight loss. Weight loss. Who doesn't want that?
  • Cleanse your body by removing toxins and excess waste. These juices are more alkaline and contain more minerals – this helps break down toxins in the body. 
  • Since Juice Jab's juices are free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and additives; and all fruits and vegetables are sourced locally, your body still gets the calories and nutrients it needs to function properly, and is replenished with vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit and veggies.
  • Help motivate you to eat healthier in the new year or get back on track.
The packaging

The perfectly-labeled  juice bottles are packaged in an orange-you-glad insulated bag with ice pack that can both be re-used.  An instructions leaflet was enclosed inside with exactly what to do before and after the jab. I also love the unique and pretty pear-shaped bottles. The Strong Jab or 3-day juice cleanse kit includes 16 bottles of cold pressed juices total, in varying flavors and fruit/vegetable combinations. For the Strong Jab, each day you’ll drink six 500ml bottles of juice, replacing 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 3 consecutive days. You can also try the Single Jabs, Mild or Moderate Jab intensities if you are new to juice cleansing.

The taste

Their juices were surprisingly all delicious, refreshing and satisfying.  Out of the six flavors, my favorites were Gold Strike, Topaz Swing and Ruby Hook. I actually craved for Gold Strike after I finished my 3-day cleanse. I know it was an acquired taste but I'm pretty sure you'll love it very quickly, cause I did.

So, here is how it went for me.

Day 1:
Consuming nothing other than water, tea and about as many juice jabs felt easy at first. During the first day, I felt and sounded full of fluid at times. I was also filling up on as much tea and hot lemon water as I like. Nothing but water, tea and juice 6 times a day made me pee every half hour.
 photo output_anlxN3_zpsb477593c.gif
Day 2:
Halfway through the second day, I was starving and struggled at the thought of  just having juices for three days. It was a rough day and I began to panic that I had two more days to go without solid food. Most certainly, it nearly killed me, I even felt bitter towards the poor juice although they taste lovely.  So, apart from the hunger pangs in between juice drinking times, I couldn't resist myself to go to the gym. So I did sneak a little egg and a tiny bit of chicken on day 2 as I just had to eat something before working out.

As you might have noticed on my Instagram account,  it seriously took just about my last scrap of willpower and I completed the 3-day cleanse last week.@r0ckstarm0mma
Day 3:
I had lost roughly 4 pounds after 3 days. I feel lighter, healthier and revitalized. I certainly feel fresh and surprisingly, would rather have water over a coffee. I caved in for another egg and meat at lunch (whoopsie daisy!) but I outdid myself by starting and completing the 3-day detox cleanse, but I am going to be honest again and say I kind of broke that also because three days took its toll on me. I craved for a bit of meat or I wouldn’t have made it to the end otherwise. It is not easy and completing your detox takes willpower, as you will crave for solid food. But definitely worth it for a total cleanse! I have less cravings and I no longer felt the urge to binge and eat a lot of food.

I think the wonderful part about Juice Jab's Jabs and Jolts is that they're affordable and readily available for you to drink! Juicing all by yourself is hard work and time consuming especially for those people on the go. On the other hand, Juice Jab arrives quickly to your doorstep and ready for you to place in your fridge.

The best part? I can finally fit into this little black dress again! Yay!

Trust me, I'm not bragging or exaggerating but I considered it as my own personal challenge to know what  my body was capable of. I'm just genuinely trying to convince you to start your healthiest year ever by taking it as your own challenge. Just imagine… If thousands of others can do it, (if I can do it) you can do it too.

So if you are thinking of doing juice detox, I would definitely recommend it. If you find the Moderate or Strong Jab too hard and tedious to start with, the Jolts are there for you to try! Jolts are two-day enhancement programs that will have you taking juices as supplement to your meals.  Each Jolt includes 6 250ml Single Jabs.

So, who wants to try? Detox anyone? A lucky jabber will win a Jolt kit! To join my new giveaway, simply click the Rafflecopter below:
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You can find Juice Jab on Instagram and Twitter @juicejab and Facebook: or visit their website for more details on their juice detox products and prices. You can also call mobile: +639178387355

My journey after a good cleanse would focus on clean and healthy eating. No processed foods and no excuses. Thanks to Juice Jab for being an awesome company inspiring health and for making my shot at a clean start possible.  For more health tips, read my previous post: 42 Ways to a Fairer, Fitter and Healthier You in 2014

Let's keep the health kick going! Go on, get some and give yourself a good cleanse. 
Keep calm and juice on!