42 Ways to a Fairer, Fitter and Healthier You in 2014

New year, new me. I'm glad that I caught the fitness bug and finally got my pre-pregnancy weight back. I battled the post-baby bulge and won! From 124 pounds 2 months ago, I am now down to 100 pounds but I still need to trim some belly fat and tone up. Will start doing Crossfit on Monday. I'm turning 33 soon and being told that I look younger than my age never fails to make me smile. :)  Being fit is not about how old or young you are. Age doesn't slow you down. You slow yourself down.

My first #ootd for 2014.

Also, being a busy mom shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not be active and healthy. Check out these ah-mazing fit and fab moms! If you want to look and feel younger, you have to eat right and exercise.

Staying fit is a challenge. Look like a beauty, train like a beast. So let's burn off last year's festive indulgence, shall we?  52 weeks in 2014 gives you a lot of ways to be fairer, healthier and slimmer than ever before.

Enjoy a pinkish, fairer and smoother complexion plus a slimmer and healthier body with these tips:

1.  Don't skimp on good products especially when it comes to your beautiful face! I use local Obagi Set for the longest time and it works wonders.

It eliminates pimples, acne, pigmentation, discoloration, oily face, old skin/ open pores, black/ white heads and wrinkles. It will firm your skin and has natural pink effect without applying blush on and powder. The set includes KojicAcid Whitening Soap, Clarifying Toner, Medicated Toner, Peeling Cream and it only costs Php450 per set. Check out the deets here.

2. Use sunblock every day. I repeat. Use it every single day.  The Sunblock Cream that I'm using from the local obagi set gives protection for the face that fights UAV/UVB rays and visibly whitens the skin. It prevents unsightly spots and wrinkles and prevents skin cancer too. (Apply liberally to face 30 minutes before sun exposure. To achieve maximum sun protection, re-apply every 2-3 hours if with continuous sun exposure.)

3. Exfoliate. Dry-brush your skin with homemade exfoliators such as honey, sea salt and olive oil. Apply some lemon with baking powder on your  face once a week. I also scrub my underarms with lemons. And guess what, it works!

4.  Change your diet rules, or better yet do not go on a crash diets and never (ever) deprive nor starve yourself.  Check out this funny diet rule: ( doesn't mean you should follow these rules though)

Better yet, don't tell people you're on a diet. If they ask you, say you're trying to eat more healthily. So when they see the new selfie of your fit and fab body in Facebook, they'll be like;

 photo WQJNPKT_zps9e1ab950.gif

5.  Upon waking up, drink a glass of warm water and squeeze a lemon in it. The benefits of it are seemingly endless. You can also add cucumber if you like.

Oh, and don't throw away the lemons from your lemon water. You can use it on your face (doesn't matter if some of the juice has been squeezed) then put a few drops of honey on it and gently rub it on your face. Leave for 5 minutes then wash with water.

6. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Studies show that a hearty breakfast helps you consume fewer calories over the course of the day.

7. Eat brocolli once a week.  It has lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect against macular degeneration, as well as vitamins C, A, K, folate, and fiber. Make sure to eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Your skin will be smoother and plumper.

8. Try to minimize or cut out on highly refined, highly glycemic carbs.  Swap white rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, or doughnuts with "cauli-rice" ( steamed and mashed cauliflower) some cheese, fruits and veggies.

9. Eat protein with all meals. My favorites are hard-boiled egg, chicken, and fish. While I took out all refined carbs on my diet, I eat all the veggies and meat I wanted. But hey, I still eat pizza, pasta and rice on my "cheat day."

10. Speaking of cheat day, eat brownie or a cupcake. Just don't eat it everyday. There's always a day ( not everyday)  for Cheat day. Yay.  Please don't turn cheat day into cheat dayssss.

11. Still speaking of cheat day ( and obviously my favorite day lol) carb binge once a week. A heavy carb meal once a week can  kickstart your fat loss and refuel your energy. You can also eat dark chocolate if you're craving for sweets. A little dark choco daily lowers blood pressure, helps reduce cancer risk, slows down signs of aging and satisfies your cravings.

12. Get into green tea by drinking green tea or taking some green tea capsules.  Replace your soda and coffee with green tea. It is a powerful antioxidant and rich in polyphenols, that will slow down the aging process and encourage faster metabolism.

 photo aint-nobody-got-time-for-that_zpsf89654db.gif

13. Make time for "exercise" because there's no such thing as having "no time" for exercise. Seriously, you can do it anytime and anywhere you like as long as you have the desire and commitment. Exercise or cram in some cardio or circuit training at least 10-15 minutes a day. If you have the luxury of time, go to the gym or take your workout outdoors and sweat it all out. Why? Because good things come to those who sweat.

14. Visualize yourself on a beach wearing a bikini or summer dress and make sure you can see it all the time as your fit-spiration. Get your eye on the prize babe!

15. Set short-term goals. Be realistic. Don't expect to lose weight quickly. There is no quick fix here, my dear! Rome wasn't built in a day, which means you cannot get a 6-packs abs overnight. You have to work for it because great things (and great abs) don't come easy.  Note: Losing 1-3 lbs a week is a healthy rate of weight loss.

 photo 9bPjhcY_zps2681f2bf.gif
15. Do not be upset if you fall off the wagon. Get right back to your healthy eating plan ASAP.  Don't be afraid to start again and again.. and again. Being fit and healthy knows no age or limit so whether you're a mom of 3 or a granny, just try and do it.

I'm wearing one of the coolest workout clothes from Pink Salmon Clothing :)
16. If you lose some pounds, do not reward yourself with food. Try buying something else like a new smaller-sized dress or bikini that you've been dreaming of. You may start wearing tighter workout clothes because your self esteem could reach dangerously high levels.

17. Use slimming soap or firming lotion, a great way to reduce fat, nourish and detoxify your body and increase your metabolism. It also helps the reduction of cellulites. Check out Skin by Me's slimming soap (for only PhP50) and skin firming lotion to get rid of those stubborn cellulites. Yes, those are the dimples nobody wants to have.

18. Get active. The plan? Eat less and move more. Walk around during TV commercials, use a shopping basket instead of a cart to tone up those abs or opt for the stairs. Be daring and try something new every month so neither the mind nor the body gets bored. Keep it fun and try various fitness routines like zumba, crossfit, yoga, running, boxing, or cycling to prevent hitting a plateau . Do it twice a week ands make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

19. Challenge yourself. Make all your squats heavy and deep. Try these abs and 30-day squat challenge below and make sure you're making some progress each day. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

20. Lift weights. Get some dumbbells and kettlebell at home. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. You can't tone and shape fat. You can only shape and tone muscle. But don't beat yourself up. Enjoy it.  Unless you want to bulk up, use lightweight dumbbells. Think high reps and low weights= high repetitions and low resistance. I use 3 pounds or below in different kinds of exercises.

21. Free-wheel it. Two wheels are better than four. A 30-minute bike ride burns almost 300 calories.

22. Tidy up and tone up by simply cleaning your closet or your entire house.

23. Stop frying! Broil, grill, roast, poach or boil meat or fish instead of frying. Oh and stop eating french fries!

24. Eat nonfat yogurt to pump up your probiotic intake. It's high in calcium and it whitens your teeth. You also need Vitamin  D from it to avoid muscle wastage, maintain fat burn and you'll also save on empty calories from sugary desserts.

25. When eating out, ask for warm water (or with lemon) or order unsweetened tea or other drinks without added sugars. Start your meal with a salad to help curb hunger and feel full sooner.

26. Add hot spices to your food, as they can stimulate your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

27. Brush your teeth right after meal so you won't be tempted to eat again. Oh, and you can do the tooth brush wall squats while brushing your teeth. Multitasking is your bestfriend.

28. Buy pre-cut packs of fruit such as melon, mango, kiwi, cucumber or pineapple for a healthy and quick snack in seconds instead of chips, cookies and ice cream.

29. Consider eating fish. Most fish are lower in saturated fat than meat.

 photo tumblr_mwzhwuhc0c1s391qwo1_400_zps88874ad8.gif
 30. Work on your core or abs. You don't know how hard it is to suck in your stomach to make it look like you have flat abs.

31. Cut back on soda. Read: A 12-ounce can of soda has more than 100 calories and 6 teaspoons of sugar.

32. Don't skip meals. You'll end up bingeing later on when you feel extremely famished.

33. Don't stand or sit on a table near the food or buffet table at parties. You will be tempted to eat more than you need to. Don't go for second or third round either.

 34. Don't eat just because you are bored. Eat only when you are hungry. In short, don't be so "masiba" or matakaw." It may suck not being able to eat as much as you use to in an eat-all-you-can restaurant, but it sucks even more to be stuck in a body you hate.

35. When you're hungry, sniff on something, can be a peppermint, apple or whatever. Studies show that you feel less hungry if you sniff since your brain thinks you are eating. 

 photo image4-katehudeat_zpse9eb96a8.gif

36. Avoid emotional eating and don't turn to food for comfort. When you feel stressed out, go for a walk, watch a movie or call a friend. But don't pig out with your friend, please.

37. Water it down and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Drinking 1-2 glasses before each meal makes you lose more than usual.

38. Limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol slows down your metabolism for 3 days after drinking. I drink red wine very rarely.

38. Make things happen NOW. Your body will thank you later. Actions > Words. How many times have you said to yourself that you will start exercising tomorrow? Hmm.. Stop saying you'll start tomorrow. No excuses. The only person who can motivate you is you. If you really do not want to do something then you will always be able to talk yourself out of it.

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-27090-1365794395-1_zpse647f89a.gif

39. Watch yourself when you exercise. Check if you have the right form and critique your  movements as you would in a piece of artwork. Correct if it needed and always be careful. Try not to kill yourself.

 photo celebrity-gifs-brad-pitt-workout_zps5935629b.gif

40. Learn to dance. Do it at home, a dance studio, or at the gym. It's hella fun! Also, next time you're at a party, don't just stand around. Dance and have fun.

41. Update your workout playlist. Because the better the music, the better the burn.

42. Don't wear a full face of makeup at the gym. Remove makeup with cleanser before exercising even if you barely have enough time. Heavy foundations, concealers or powders clog up your pores like crazy that can lead to irritation or breakouts. "Hulas" moment means your mascara or eye makeup will slide off once you break a sweat. (Not a cute look when you're standing in front of a hot guy. )

If you are unhappy with your body, there's only one person to blame. You. So it's really up to you. These tips might not sound like much, but they work for me. So, I suggest picking up a jump rope, some lightweight dumbbells, and yoga mat — you'll be one step closer to looking like a supermodel in no time.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise, will result in a healthier skin and body. If you want firmer, smoother and younger looking skin plus a fit and fab body, you need to do it now. To attract positive things in your life this 2014, start by giving off positive energy. Head high, smile on, and spread nothing but good vibes.

Have a fitter, healthier and happier 2014, guys!

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  15. I always tell myself to start dieting and do exercise everyday but it's always answered with "tomorrow."

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