SM Launches the Y2013 Grow a Million Trees Project

Sad how everyone wants to park their vehicles in shade, but no one wants to grow trees. :(  I guess some people are like trees, they take years to grow up. Moreover, trees are so important for global biodiversity. Unfortunately, some people don't realize how important trees are.

To have a healthier and greener earth, SM has launched a new campaign with a commitment drafted and signed by SM Group of Companies and affiliates in the presence of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) representatives held last April 22nd at The Block, SM City North EDSA on the occasion of Earth Day 2013.  The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon marked the start of the Y2013 Grow a Million Trees project.

SM has been an advocate of environmental conservation for many years. The way new structures are designed are not for aesthetics alone, they are designed in such a way that it also contributes to SM’s vision.

Mr. Joey Mendoza, president of SM Supermarket, DENR Asst. Secretary Marcial D. Amaro, Jr., SM Foundation’s AVP Ms. Cristie Angeles, and the rest of the affiliates: SM Land, SM Development, Costa De Hamilo, Inc., and Ace Hardware

Through the joint efforts of all SM affiliates, SM has a well-planned waste disposal system in every SM facility. SM has always been at the forefront of protecting and rehabilitating the planet which is why we create projects and programs of reforestation and coastal clean-up among other environmental efforts we have.

From SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market alone, it was in 2009 when we launched our banner campaign we called the “Join the M.O.B. (MyOwnBag)”. The Join the MOB is part of the vision of the Sy family to intensify its commitment to the 3 Rs, Reduce Reuse, and Recycle.

Join the MOB is a campaign where SM Food Group does not release free plastic bags to customers. If customer requests for a plastic bag it comes with a very minimal fee. The amount paid by customer is actually donated to environmental projects.

It aims to change shopping habits in exchange for the welfare of the environment. That being said, I encourage everyone to bring our own reusable bags and in return, they gave us incentives for doing so. SM charged for every plastic bag request and not too many were happy with it. The big change can happen with small adjustments in our own shopping habits.

Today, there are 13 million people who regularly use SM Greenbags. That means we have prevented 39 million plastic bags from being released to circulation.

Moreover, the money raised by SM from the plastic bag sales during Join the M.O.B. days have already begun funding several tree plantings and clean-ups nationwide. SM is targeting not just to plant but to nurture and to ensure that they grew into full healthy trees. 1 million trees at that! That’s enough trees to fill 500 soccer fields or almost 8500 basketball courts.

Photo Credit: Jonel Uy of
SM will be planting them in DENR protected areas located in 6 provinces namely, Nasugbu, Benguet, Calatagan, Banatocan Cagayan de Oro, Bulacan, Cebu, and Davao, to ensure the longevity of the trees.

For years, the SM Group of companies has been launching individual projects on tree growing and other environmental activities. It was only recently that we decided to come together and solidly declare our commitment to the environment as one SM.

To date, the entire SM Group of Companies and Affiliates have already reached a third of the goal since 2009. All SM groups have come together towards a common goal, so let's do our part in saving the environment and join SM in making the dream of a million trees a reality.

Missed Earth Day? Do your part by simply using SM Ecobags and supporting SM's Grow a Million Trees Project.



  1. More trees means a greener world and a better world for the future generation! :)

  2. sana mabuhay ang mga puno na itatanim nila para madagdagan naman ang protection natin sa mga kalamidad.

  3. hope everyone of us make a share to our mother earth by tree planting..thanks to SM people for the trees more planting please!

  4. this is a nice project..lets help mother nature!


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