Beyond the Heat and Spice at Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Armada Hotel Manila

Some of the best food recipes are discovered by accident. Take the ‘Thai food’ for instance.

First, make a list of everything that's good in the world.
Second, put all those things into a bowl.

And voila! You just made a delicious Thai food recipe. :)

I love Thai food because generally, it revolves around balance – between heat and cold, sweet and spicy, sweet and sour, and salty and bitter. Also, I love trying new Thai restaurants so whenever I'm invited to try out a new one, I knew I had to partake. The most recent of which is Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant which is conveniently located at the top level of Armada Hotel in Malate, where we had a very relaxing stay.
A stone’s throw away from the famous Malate Church, it is also near the largest shopping malls , business district and other popular destinations in Manila. This is also a top venue for parties and other social events.

A beautiful glass door with the name Raja greets you at the entrance and inside is clean and elegant, with a great view of the buildings outside and the scents of lemongrass and fresh herbs and spices hit your nostrils.

It's a breathing space destination for after-work drinks, and a bit of relaxation. Situated near the poolside area, your food can be served al-fresco or indoor. It has a nice setting in terms of ambience, something that is lacking in other Thai restaurants.

Raja cuisine is open from 6 pm-10 pm only. With a great selection of food, drinks & desserts,  it was the perfect beginning to our meal and came highly recommended.

For starters, I opted for a fresh mango shake to beat the summer heat. As expected, it was quite refreshing. Main dishes were mixed between us. From the Spicy Green Chicken Curry and Spicy Pomelo salad, to the prawns in garlic and pepper sauce to my own dessert of sticky rice and mangoes, everything was perfect.

Let's start with the Spicy Green Chicken Curry. It's as hot as the midday sun and extra spicy at that! Creamy and plentiful, the flavors will simply burst in your mouth.  We got a huge serving of curry in a bowl for a great value and it's really tasty. After a spoonful or two, the rich flavor of the coconut milk toned down the spiciness of the curry paste.

The Tom Yum Koong (Spicy Prawns Soup).  This one has the right amount of heat and spice with meaty prawns and mushrooms,  flavored with fresh lemon, chili and lime leaves.. now that's a party of flavors in my mouth!

The Spicy Pomelo Salad was delicious with extra punch of tangy and spicy mix of ingredients that made it an interesting combination.  I love how Thais do their salad being both sweet, savory and a little spicy.

Thai food's “unbearable spice” is something that we, Filipinos, are not that used to. However, a number of Thai dishes are not spicy at all. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Thai food is all about balance. Although, Thais are huge fans of overly spicy food, the star of their dishes is usually coriander or any type of herb, not chili. The other ingredients balance and tone down the spiciness as well.

 The Khao Phad Kai  (Thai Chicken Fried Rice) served in a pineapple was a thing of beauty in its rough and crisp skin, with flavours dancing away in your mouth. The freshly-cooked rice is complemented by crunchy cashews, green peas, fresh herbs and spices. Indeed, it is really tasty and flavorful.

There is also the delectable Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken and Prawns, with lots of fresh herbs and meat. Also,  it's easy to adjust the flavor balance with the condiments that come with it.

My personal favorite is the Thai Chicken Pandan which is also a popular Thai dish. I love how the pandan leaf keeps the juice inside, so the meat is really soft and juicy. This one's more than lovely and it makes my tummy grumbling even just by looking at it.

For sweet endings, what could be nicer and sweeter to end a meal? The sticky rice topped with coconut milk and paired with a few slices of ripe mango, is beyond amazing and arguably the best Thai dessert for me. The sticky rice has the right chewyness and the mango just the right ripeness. It is very much like our very own suman at mangga which shows a huge similarity between Thai and Filipino desserts. Of course, both treats are good!

Meet the Thai Chef Pranath "Prakob" Samranrue

Overall, we had a fantastic meal and a Thai restaurant that is highly recommended. We’ll be back very soon. Like maybe, tomorrow? *wink*

Need to know:
Location: 2108 M. H. Del Pilar St. Malate Manila. 
Telephone No:  (02) 526-0888
For more updates, visit Armada Hotel's Facebook page and website.


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  2. Never tried thai cuisine before. But it is definitely mouth watering :P~

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