Sunday, November 13, 2011

The New F in Town

I had a little bit of Q&A today. Here goes..

Q: What's your favorite food.?

A: A buffet.

Q: What's your favorite day?

A: Cheat day.... to the nth power! :)

Q: When was the last time you had a cheat day and a buffet at the same time?

A: Last Friday! TGIF! I've tried F Restaurant, the signature restaurant of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel at the Fort. It's the new F in town. I really don't know what the F stands for but if you ask me, I'm guessin' it's short for Fabulous or Famous or Fine dining or anything fancy.

So let me tell you more about it...

Well I love to go for buffets like most people do because I believe I get the best value for my money. However, with my small stomach, I get full easily so I never get to try all of them. So, when I was invited to try out the Best Western Premier F1 Hotel's buffet at their new F Restaurant, I was pretty excited.

First and foremost, the F restaurant is pretty swanky and the decor is posh with chic, elegant and it has modern-inspired interiors. I just love the cozy atmosphere. It offers both local and international cuisine where you can indulge in a feast at the fifth level where the cozy executive lounge and the infinity lap pool as well as the fitness center and gym is located. You'll definitely feel the vibe of living the high life even before you sit at the table.

This is how it's done guys @ F Restaurant's Buffet... definitely the best buffet!

I love the dessert station.

Did I say I love the dessert station?

They have a wide variety of desserts that look soooo good, consists of cakes, fondue, ice cream, pudding, fruits, and even a crepe. All in bite size. Yay!

There was even a crepe. Posh and heavenly crepe. Amazing.

And this... this is TDF! :)

Chinese dimsum and stir-fry station looks really inviting. They are freshly made on the spot as you order.

...and I can't help but get a handful of their fried mantao. Yep. Heaven does exist!

Everything on the buffet table is prepared fresh. I have to admit the quality of  food here is really excellent cooked by top-notch chefs. I really enjoyed the food and I'm pretty sure I wasn't eating scraps of food dumped like in most buffets. The service is good with  really friendly and polite staff. No fake smiles! :)

The Jamon Serano

Smokin' hot!

Love this!

Ooopsie! I missed the crabs. Actually, I skipped it! I was more scared than Posh Spice seeing those huge crabs. There are many cold seafood freshly served here as well. Sushi and sashimi, fresh oysters, and a lot more. The raw food is really fresh!

Weee... wines galore!

You know what else is delicious? Everything! I loved everything I ate. For the price of Php1,800.00 per person for their buffet, it's definitely worth it!

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel is a 31-story hotel with a total of 250 spacious, elegant rooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. It offers luxury, style, comfort and convenience never before seen in the Global City. Everything is posh in this hotel, the bathroom is clean and perfect with a nice rainforest shower.

Oh, and internet or wifi is free! (Insert smiley here.)

Me with Executive Chef, Nino Ante

The Best Western Premier F1 Hotel is located at 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is a stone’s throw away from popular establishments such as the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Bonifacio High Street, Serendra and Market! Market!

And here I am, chillin' like a villain at the poolside. And yes, mahangin sa labas so please don't mind my wind-blown hair. :)

So yeah, check out F restaurant and prepare to be amazed.

For inquiries and more information, call 928-9888 or log on to

One for TREES: Thunderbird Resorts Run for a Cause

OMG! Once again, I just had the strongest urge to leave the city for a while to go and run along the green foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range and experience a new breath of fresh air and stuff. I just want to run up to those trees with bright green and yellow leaves and give them a high five for hangin' in there!

I know I don't have the Kenyan legs but I always wish to run with the Kenyans (though I'm always left wondering "where did they go??"). Also, I'm not a triathlete (yet! Ha-freaking-Ha I wish!) but I'm a tree-athlete and I really want to join some sort of a tree-athlon and have a different experience of doing something not just for myself but also for the environment!

So who's in??

One for T.R.E.E.S. (Thunderbird Resorts Efforts on Environment Sustainability), is a run for Mother Nature and the second run for a cause to be held at Thunderbird Resorts-Rizal on November 26, 2011.

I joined their first run for a cause last year and that was quite a peaceful run, nice and quiet. Here's my post from last year. For a change, I was glad to run on a wide, paved rolling hills surrounded by trees. Oh and unlike the other races I've joined, there were no traffic lights, no bystanders (yes, those are the peeps standing or sitting on the curb and clap as you go by) and no motorists passing, so I didn't have to worry about how tempting I looked to them. All you could hear were the rustle of the trees in the wind and a few runners' heavy breathing, gasping for air and frantically trying to overcome the uphills.

A great, well- organised race. Amazing scenery and stunning view as pay off for the challenging uphills. Lovely weather was also a bonus. It was a great course with a challenging experience of running up and down the hills! If those hills have a name, it's prolly the "pretty tough and challenging hills"! Oh and did I say it was challenging? lol Well, it was really a challenge for a flat course runner like me but it really felt good to finish the race! The difference though of this year's run is that a 21k category was added which is even more challenging. Ok I just abused and overused that word today. Sorry! :D But if you're up for the challenge, then go! :) (There goes another one.. hihihi ) And don't worry about the hills. It's just a hill. Get up and get over it! I bet we can even go up and down for hours. (Yeah right!) We just have to keep running. Just keep breathing. :) That's the key.

I really love running but I haven't been running for months now. For me it's a cheaper therapy. Running is my chocolate fudge sundae. It's my apple vodka martini. And I'd love to run those uphills again. Even with no proper training or exercise whatsoever. So if ever you find me on the ground, please drag me to the finish line. :)

Anyhoo, the run will be the culminating activity of a month-long program celebrating the second anniversary of T.R.E.E.S. (Thunderbird Resorts Efforts on Environment Sustainability), Thunderbird Resorts’ corporate social responsibility program. Proceeds from the run will benefit the Serany Foundation and the various projects of the Rizal Provincial Government.

It's really not common for us to see runners running outside the city streets unless they are thieves, NPA's or someone who's running away from his debts. One For TREES provides a departure from the regular race settings within Metro Manila, with the route’s scenic landscapes and refreshing views, it is not the typical run venue that most runners participate in. And that, my friends, makes it an extraordinary run!

Gun time
21K – 6 AM
10K – 6:10 AM
5K – 6:20 AM

They also have a free shuttle service. Pick up points will be at SM Megamall and R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street. Free shuttle service will be available too the first 200 registrants. Buses depart at 4:00 am. There will also be return trips to SM Megamall and Bonifacio High Street after the run.

Here's the singlet design:

Racekits (race bib, race map and timing chip) will be available to registrants starting October 24. Singlets will be available by the first week of November. Kindly visit their website HERE for updates on the exact date of availability.

Medals will be given to all finishers of the 21K. All 1st place finishers in all categories will receive gift packs from Philips and not 1, not 2 and definitely not 3 but FOUR (4) ZestAir roundtrip tickets to any local destination will be raffled off to participants.

5k – P500
10k – P500
21k – P700

- ROX Bonifacio Highstreet
- Chris Sports branches
- SM North EDSA
- Mall of Asia
- Megamall
- A Runner's Circle Roxas Blvd.
- Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Front Office

So what the bleep are you waiting for? Register now! Get out for a run & enjoy! Remember, my dear, life is incredibly short... but running for a great cause makes it waaaay longer.
Click HERE for the deets!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guilty as charged with Soyami Soya Chips

In the case of good moms everywhere vs Rockstarmomma, where a study recently confirmed that mom's guilt is more prevalent; stating that a HUGE percentage of moms feel guilt for giving their children unhealthy foods like junk foods and chips... I was put on trial.

Well, I was found to be addicted to chips and was considered innocent until proven guilty so to speak!

The verdict? Guilty as charged! I was given life sentence of not eating chips again! Homaygawd! I die!

I was so sad. But just as I was about to give up hope and go curl in the fetal position somewhere in the corner, I saw the empty bag of my favorite chips.
Then I saw the back part and I carefully read the nutrition facts. I felt the guilt slip away. My favorite chips is neither unhealthy nor crappy after all, like the other chips filled with so much salt and MSG. I was so convinced I have NOT committed a crime for which I should feel guilty of! I believe I have been eating healthy chips for which I should be PROUD! So I plead myself not guilty for bingeing, overeating those yummy chips or making the wrong choice!

"It's true your honor, I got addicted and I was eating a whole lot of chips along with my daughter but I believe that doesn't make me a bad person or a bad mom. It started when I got a deal at Metrodeal, that's an unlimited pass to Active Fun at SM City North Edsa which comes with Soyami Soya Chips, drinks & ice Cream. From then on, I couldn't stop eating them and that's how the addiction began. So yeah, I eat a bag everyday and I even give chips to my daughter. I'm 30 now, but these chips make me feel like I'm 13 so I have to admit, I ate a bag of Soyami Soya chips for 1 week straight, in all 3 flavors, and I am still eating them. My little pumpkin usually eats healthy foods but she also loves chips so I often give her what I know she'll eat and what food she enjoys the most. She is smallish and I always worry about her not eating enough that's why I gave her chips. But I'd like to clarify that those chips we love to eat are not just ordinary chips. Those are Soyami Soya Chips. I admit I'm addicted though but I believe there's a thin line between guiltless pleasures and addiction. I also admit that sometimes I'm an emotional eater and for me it's a cheaper therapy and I don't need an appointment. I could give up junk foods and all the other chips in the world but not the Soyami soya chips! So yes, your honor, if eating that chips is a crime, I stand guilty as charged and I'm proud of it!"

So tell me, is it such a bad thing to eat a whole bag of Soyami Soya chips instead of letting them eat junk foods and unhealthy snacks like salted chips, gums, candies, fries, sodas?

Junk foods are out! Eating junk food is just a fad, while soya chips is a permanent thing. It’s not the end of the world if you eat chips as long as you know it's Soyami Soya Chips because you know you won't feel the twinge of guilt when you eat them. It can even boost energy to help fuel our body between meals and restore your exhausted mind and body.

Soyami Soya chips is a healthy substitute for eating junk foods because it is made with real soya and all the good stuff that goes into that, plus there's no MSG, high in protein and calcium and it's 0% transfat!! Hmm... Now that's a good chip! :)

In a nutshell, soy gives wholesome nutrients with no harmful side effects. Click here for more deets about soya and soy foods! It's actually a super food! No more counting calories or avoiding chips, just in case! Hey it's not bad to eat chips if it's as healthy as this! You can even enjoy eating them in 3 flavors; Original, Pizza, and White Cheddar. My daughter's fave is white cheddar and maybe that is why she's the cheesiest person I know. She loves it so much and she always asks for it! I realize it's a healthy snack for me and the whole family, but I can't for the life of me fathom why anyone would say NO to a snack as delicious and nutritious as this! I can't even think of a cafe or resto that would serve both chips and soya in one.. can you?? :)

Last time I checked, there was no such thing as restricting ourselves not to eat or let our children eat chips! Clearly I’m not a fan of junk foods for my kiddo! I t's just important for us moms to check on the nutrition facts every now and then just to make sure what we give them is healthy. It is possible for people to be able to indulge and enjoy the guiltless pleasures of eating chips without any hesitations! Because eating is supposed to be enjoyable! We love eating and guilt or anguish should have no place in it. It's naturally delicious and nutritious! I'm incredibly thankful I found Soyami Soya Chips because now I know that being healthy doesn’t have to be about deprivation of the food we love most. I can go snacking-all-I-can without the guilt and by all means, people, don’t let guilt derail you off your path to have some Soyami Soyami chips for snacks! It's now out in the market! I can't wait for their Soya bread styx to be available in the market soon, and I do hope they make some yummy tofu chips too! :)

Enough said, so if you're one of those moms with kids who also love snacking but hate the feeling after indulging a lot? Eat these guilt-free snacks that’ll keep you full and hyper happy! Indulge in these healthy snacks and find yourself a good reason to go for another bag of Soyami Soya chips! Get your own bag now cause I got loads of Soyami Soya chips right here and I'm keeping it all for myself! It's the only chips I could eat guilt-free day after day after day... Bags after bags after bags of chips! LOL

With Soyami Soya chips, it's definitely good health and goodness first! So yummy. Guiltless. Heaven does exist.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter, or visit their website here for the deets! Happy snacking! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Impressca: On discovering healthy choices, healthy pleasures

I have a confession to make...

I used to hate myself for not being healthy. I used to love junkfood, fastfood, as well as greasy and oily foods! But I was not happy with my body and with my attitude. I used to think I was...
I also used to hate eating vegetables or any kinda food with the color green. I guess I was just allergic to green. Sad huh? Few years ago, I got really sick and I had days where I feel so tired with zero energy. I was in a constant state of stress with that feeling of guilt for the way I act and feel at the end of the day. Then that teeny, weeny voice whispers, " You have a choice." At that moment, I checked myself first if I'm just hallucinating or just hearing voices and getting cray cray! But then I wasn't yet I still thought feeling better is impossible. But I tried to listen to that faint voice inside me and then I finally faced the truth...

If I want to feel good and look good, I have to make a choice. So I started eating healthy, doing yoga and started running. At first, a part of me hated it, but a deeper part of me loved every second of the challenge. I taught myself to like eating vegetables and fresh salads and now I love them! ( Oh yes! May himala!) What I love most was when I discovered foods I never thought to try and actually like them! I also learned that making healthier food choices has a profound effect to our environment. When we eat green, we help the environment by reducing global warming and help ourselves by improving our health, mood and quality of life. Food choices that are good for us and the health of our environment.

So I made a choice. Eating green is a healthy choice. It simply means to eat sustainable foods that will protect not only our health but also our Mother Earth. I learned that the real main reason for our climate change and global warming is because we choose to eat the not so green food, meat or animal products! Or from what I call the anti-green! Surprised?

Well here's a fact:

According to, between 20 to 30% of global warming or climate change caused by human activity is due to processes connected with food and agricultural systems. And that animal farming causes more greenhouse emissions than all vehicles combined. It follows then, that to stop or prevent further damage to the environment, people will have to make necessary changes in the way they produce, procure, process, store, transport, and consume food.

So in order for us to make a real difference, we have to start eating real green food, a plant-based diet based on organically grown whole foods. After all, eating healthy really isn’t all that hard and complicated, it is a choice and a conscious daily choice at that. We have to eat more sustainable foods that's good for us and healthy for our planet; one bite, one drink, one meal at a time.

As for me, I believe that everytime I choose not to eat something healthy, I choose to be stupid. I choose to be unaware and selfless. It's like we're punishing ourselves for something or letting ourselves suffer from delusion of adequacy. (Aww ang deep ba?)

But then again, I have another confession to make...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be invited to Impressca's Blogger Summit in one of their 4 branches right in front of ABS-CBN building. And let me just say this once and for all...

"Oh, Impressca. If it was possible to have a crush on a restaurant, you would be my new secret green resto bf (will you marry me? LOL)."

So yeah, not that I'm hopelessly waiting for a "Yes" but I love that restaurant.. I was swept away and I would love to recommend it to You ↑ You ↓ You ↙ You ↖ You ← You ↘ You ↗ Oh and You. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, wants to be skinny or you’re just craving some fresh produce after eating too many greasy, oily foods.. Impressca is one of the few green restaurants in the city that offers all-natural, fresh and local ingredients and healthy food options. True to its name, Impressca, I was quite impressed not only with the food but with the owner as well.

Impressca's imaginative and creative owner, Miss Beth Echano, shared how she started her business from being an environmentalist who promotes vegetation to becoming a full-pledged business proprietor.

When I heard her voice as she sang the closing prayer, I almost cried. Seriously! LOL It's not very often that someone can make me "feel" when they sing, but I almost cried listening to her voice. Her voice is indeed a solemn prayer and it is just as, if not more beautiful, than any piece of music ever written. To touch, to move and to inspire everyone of us to live green, feel green. So here's a few lines from the song: (LSS much?)

I believe above storm smallest prayer
Can still be heard
I believe someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word

Every time, I hear new born baby cry
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why
I believe

So yeah, I do believe that I made the right choice.

If you're not convinced yet, allow me to elaborate more about Impressca.

The Atmosphere

For Rockstarmomma standards, the place is small yet very cozy and clean (not like the other resto where the roaches has the best seats in the house eh?) and I so love the light green and white interior where the furniture is made from reclaimed wood. (Read: Recycle) There is also a really nice patio outside that makes it a great place for people watching and just hanging out with friends. It was well decorated and I love how homey the restaurant feels. A burst of colors from images of salads, refreshing drinks and its other healthy dishes on their walls oozes indulgence and comfort in the same breath.

The Menu

They have a wide variety of healthy food choices and I got to try their Create-your-own-salad and Veggie Pasta. Price-wise, it's quite affordable and I'm sure you're not gonna choke on their food or just by looking at their prices. They also offer some delectable health-friendly drinks and dishes and their simple menu helps in choosing carefully for a meal that's the right portion and right price.

Chicken nuggets or meatballs? Uhmmm. Salad bar. Because their salad bar is awesome. It makes me wonder why I haven’t gone for a good salad in forever. The salad is a straighforward lettuce with tons of fresh, organic veg and greens... full of nutritious and delicious fixings with light salad dressings.
I love the potatoes and I'm tellin' ya it's one of the creamiest, richest potato you will ever try! Needless to say, customizing your salad for less than a hundred bucks (Read: PhP 99.00 ) is a real good value for money.

Like cheese on your pasta? Yes, please! The pasta veggie gourmet, however, had a light cream sauce with a hint of spice and lots of parmesan cheese. They say that little, green herb called parsley is a nutrient powerhouse and a powerful kidney cleanser! I'm glad it was not like the other veggie pasta I've tried in the past where its horrid blandness has kept me from ever trying it again. So for a person who is not so keen on pasta dishes, Impressca's veggie pasta has made me a convert.

But wait there's more... :)

With Impressca’s Green Card, ( it's not the green card from the US though) you can contribute to their advocacy of tree planting by donating 1 tree seedling with a minimum purchase of P200. Now THIS... this is just one small step that you can do in order to help in preserving our planet.

I would recommend this green restaurant for this card alone. It's a 3 in 1 Green Card and it's free! So take note, not 1, not 2, but 3 in 1 card that will help support their vision for a healthy planet and a healthier you. Sheesh! It has the power to change the world! Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but I'm pretty sure you get the drift. :) Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if we eat green and live green. So why don't you try Impressca and I'm sure na mai-Impress ca! :) But if you really don't have the green heart to do so, (sucks to be you?! LOL jk!) or if you're a member of PETA (people eating tasy animals) and you really don't have the courage to try and eat fresh veggies, hoh well, eh di isipin mo na lang ham yan! ;p

But if you ask me, I'm definitely going back soon to try their healthy tuna panini and also their digest and relax juices. No offense to their salad, I love salad but I’m going back again for more pasta and panini action next visit. I would love to try and taste the difference of their Chicken Alfredo in Linguine Pasta too that they said to be delightfully guilt-free, 0g lactose, 0g tans fat and soya based! The pasta looks super delish. Totally going to try that ASAP. :)

In other news, aside from Impressca, there's another MUST-try restaurant that just opened called Karma. It's open 24 hours, 7 days, 12 months of the year! Plus there's no menu, they just give you what you deserve. :) So remember hun, you always get what you give. *wink* For what it's worth, it's never too late to try. . to give.. to help.

In other alarming news, we've already hit our 7th billion mark so we oughta know by now the impact of having that many people on this earth and how it affects us with our very limited resources. I'm not Madam Auring (and I certainly don't want to look like her waaah! ) but I see a soylent green future if we don't do something "green" soon. So let's live green, feel green.

Update: This just in. 11/18/11
Having some freshly served cheeky toasted ham & cheese panini, chicken patata, beef stew, soya-based chicken alfredo in linguine pasta and buko shake! Stuffed! I so love Impressca! :) Will be back for more! *wink*

Anyhoo, Impressca's branches are located at Mo. Ignacia right in front of ABS-CBN, SM San Lazaro, SM Araneta Center, Medical Arts Bldg. Food Plaza, UP-PGH, Taft Ave., Manila and soon to open at the 4th flr., SM City North Edsa-The Block.

Learn more about Impressca and like them on Facebook. Impressca Salad2Go