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I know I'm late.. I'm prolly the last person to watch this movie. LOL I'm not fond of watching Tagalog movies but because "No Other Woman" became really controversial and became the official cheating movie of the year with its fearless and memorable quotable quotes, I decided to watch it just so I would know why a lot of people took it seriously. Affected much?! LOL
As for me, I felt like it's one of those movies that people keep talking about even after watching it, it has its own character and the lines in the movie are "fierce", classic, and catchy. And that alone, my friends, makes it a worthy Tagalog movie to watch. Apart from the sexy and jaw dropping actor's and actresses' brilliant and amazing performance, (Anne and Cristine in bikini, and the hunky Derek of course) the story is quite simple and predictable. Cheating husband. Catfights. Infidelity. Flawed emotions. Temptation. Love. Passion. Deception. Goodbyes. Deceit. I could go on and on... Lines after lines after lines...

So there you go. These are just some of my fave "fierce" lines in the movie;

"Marriage is like an exclusive village. Kailangan mo bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatter!"

"Ang asawa 'pag may suki nang kabit, dun ka na lalaban! I-pack up mo na si Lucy Torres, ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto...Anak, ako na ang bahala sa red stilettos mo!"

"Dahil nga ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo - maraming isnatcher! Maaagawan ka! Lumaban ka!"

“Alam mo, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach pero sa gandang mo yan siguro meron kang alam na shortcut..”

So speaking of shortcut, I'll make the summary of this movie short and sweet.

In this movie, there are two women, Kara and Charmaine. One is the perfect housewife, serious, doting and straightforward while the other woman is carefree, wild, headstrong and fun to be with. The husband, Ram, gives in to temptation and then engage in torrid casual sex. Then the wife discovers he is having an affair. Catfights follow. But in the end, none of them comes off as a victim. Instead they come off as empowered women who endured the pain and fight their battles and their relationships.

Some scenes made me cry though and it crushed me inside.. T_T aww..crushed talaga! LOL It's a scene in the hospital where Ram recovered from the car crash and his wife was there for him, patiently waiting for him to wake up. Despite all the shit that his husband did and how much he hurt her, she was still there for him. It made me think that maybe, at that time, maybe guys like Ram are probably thinking, “man… what have I done? what did I do to deserve her?” I guess some guys just don’t realize what they did until it hits them straight in the face.

Now, here are some POVs and thoughts from me, other men and women about this topic (Jazzmine22 and Bluetracer) ... and please read between the lines. Some lines are thought-provoking so don't say I didn't warn you..

For the guys and husbands out there...

True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be...

"No matter how much your partner loves you, he/she will never be able to fill all your needs all the time"
Raise your hand and say "Duh?!" if you agree.

Simply because at a time when imperfect and broken relationships abound, every husband and wife should be reminded that every willful act has its consequences. Temptation lurks everywhere and when a man fails in the face of temptation, he would try the art of blame shifting and blame the wife why he strayed. Go figure.

From a woman's POV:
"Why blame your partner dahil nanloko ka? Ang sa akin lang, be man enough naman, kahit sa mga babae, na aminin mo na nanloko ka, kasi pinairal mo ang libOg mo. Hindi dahil sa madaming pagkukulang ang asawa mo, kesyo ganito kesyo ganyan.

Kasi kahit naman sino ang makasama mo sa buhay, hindi niya kayang ibigay sayo ang lahat ng kailangan mo. Needs change, in time. Kailangan mo ng excitement, o ng pampalipas oras, o ng thrill, o ng mapagpaparausan bukod sa asawa mo. Ngayon, kinukuha mo ang "need" na yun sa ibang babae, choice mo yun, walang pumilit sayo.

So sana, huwag sisihin ang asawa, na ganito ka kasi, ganito ganyan, Kasi, wala ka naman mahahanap na perpektong nilalalang na makukuntento ka talaga. Lahat, meron at meron kang makikitang kamalian, pagkukulang, so ano, lolokohin mo na lang lahat ng makasama mo, kasi hindi mo makuha sa isa ang lahat?

We always have a choice. Ang mga taong faithful sa asawa, choice din nila yun. Hindi din sila nakukuntento sa partners nila, pero pinili nilang tanggapin at mahalin ang mga partners nila despite of everything. Choice nila na mahalin at maging loyal pa din sa mga partners nila, kahit may kulang.

So tama na ang bull-sheyt na yan, na nanloloko ka kasi kasalanan ng asawa mo. Ikaw ang gumawa niyan, ikaw ang nasarapan, harapin mo naman ang consequences ng action mo, tanggapin naman na ikaw ang nagkamali, at hindi ang partner mo."

Well guys, I know having an affair or one-night stands with someone else is one helluva fun, thrilling ride and it's something new.. But these things are always fun only in the beginning. In the end, someone’s always gonna get hurt, including you. So why be an assh*le who acts like a horny little teenager and cheat? Some would even say it’s not cheating unless you get caught. but hey think again.. there's karma and even if you don't believe anything about karma, there's God. But if you still don't believe in God, then let heavens pity on you. Because you're simply and unbelievably hopeless. LOL

For the wives being cheated by their husbands...

You are far worthy than what your cheating husband made you feel. If ever your husband chose the other woman, be strong. Strong enough for your kids if you have one. And no matter how much you love him, walk away.. or better yet, run away. Keep running away from him and find someone who will give you what you deserve. It might be hard and chaotic at first but in time, you'll surely find your way back to your common peaceful ground. The fear of getting lost forever, walking out in the dark is the worst feeling ever. You exist, breathe, eat but then, you should also live. You deserve better. Hell you know you deserve the best. In time, you'll be okay... :) So don't be bitter ocampo my dear.. or don't even dare do this to your husband's car.

From a man's POV:
"kung niloloko ka na ng asawa mo, huwag mong sirain ang sarili mo para lang gumanti. May mga babae kasi, na komot nambababae ang asawa nila, manlalake na din, o kaya mag bibisyo, papabayaan ang mga anak, kakalimutan ang hanapbuhay, o magisip na patayin ang asawa mo like SM incident etc.

Dahil hindi ka nakaganti sa asawa mo pag sinira mo sarili mo. Pinatunayan mo lang sa kanya na karapat dapat ka pala talagang iwanan at palitan. Sino ang wagi? Yung asawa mo saka yung kabit niya.

So, better maging smart ka. Bakit ka magpapatalo. Gumanti ka sa pamamaraan na hindi mo sinisira ang sarili mo. Kung magkakaroon ka man ng ibang lalake na, idaan mo sa legal, bago ka makisama.

Magpaganda ka lalo, mahalin mo lalo ang mga anak ninyo, mag trabaho ka ng parang walang nangyari, sa ganyang paraan, marerealize ng asawa mo na kaya mo palang mabuhay ng wala siya.

Ang goal palagi kapag iniwan ka, yun panghinayangan ka nung umiwan sayo, hindi yun maging masaya pa siya at iniwan ka, na maisip niyang naging tama ang naging desisyon niya.

Mahirap, pero kaya. Kayang kaya."

"kung hindi mo na kaya ang ginagawa sa iyo ng mister mo, eh 'di umalis ka na sa marriage ninyo.

but if you want to stay and keep your marriage intact, kailangan mong tanggapin at yakapin na puwede nga siyang sumawsaw sa iba, ke mag pa-putok siya kung saan-saang sinapupunan, std-free or not.. mag bibingi-bingihan ka lang."

And for the mistresses, the other women and kabit out there..

Girl there's a lot of single fishies in the ocean... And if you don't want a full-blown drama and stress in your life, stay away from married men! And maybe, just maybe, that is why you're called a "Miss Stress". :) I really dunno what part of that word "mistress" I don't like, but it sure sounds degrading, parang kontrabida lang lagi ang peg. In a sense, you can be a victim or a culprit... and neither of the two is something any woman would like to be. I'm pretty sure sleeping with a married man is not something you aspire to do.. and you don't want to break up a marriage or try to break up a family, don't you? ;)

Need I say more? ;p

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  1. This movie was really an eye-opener for me. I hope that cases like this dwindle down :|


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