Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project

That awkward moment when you realize that you are crying buckets because of the Coca-Cola commercial about OFW.

Just bawled over the Coke OFW project ad. Now I don't know what's more cray cray, viral and controversial, the KC-Piolo or the Mo Twister video. Honestly, both should take a back seat to this Coke OFW video. Because if you don't consider this Coke OFW Project a great ad, I don't know what is.

Nothing warms my heart more than a classic Coca-Cola commercial. Seriously. They are so lucky to spend Christmas with their families in the Philippines, and they truly deserve it. After watching it, I just realized how strong and amazing Filipino Families are. I am so proud of our family culture. I can't imagine being away from my family for more than a week, let alone 10 or 11 years! That said, I am proud of the OFWs. They are our unsung heroes! OFW = Outstanding Filipino Workers. Salute!

Good job Coca-Cola! Well done. Moving. Heart warming. Tagos sa puso. Lakas ng impact. Ang lakas makadurog ng ♥. Touching. Even with all those extra calories, clogged arteries and cholesterol build up with that savory, fatty and smashingly sinful lechon. Now, I want Coke and lechon. Lol Indeed, Coca-cola brings happiness into our lives!

So now, the question is.. Who do you miss most? And where will happiness strike next? We'll never know..

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Any comments, my dear?