Defying Gravity with Antigravity® Yoga

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

Every single day I try to do something that will inch me closer to a better, fitter and heathier me. So when I was invited to the event INTERACTIVE ANTIGRAVITY® YOGA DEMONSTRATION hosted by Beyond Yoga, the official "franchise holder" of AntiGravity® Yoga in the Philippines, I was so excited I even forgot the yoga pants I've prepared last Thursday night. LOL I got really curious because it's something new.. a newfangled thingy and I really love to try it.

Having made its mark across US and other countries worldwide, AntiGravity® Yoga makes its way to Manila, partnering with Beyond Yoga. Last night, I had the pleasure to meet the founder and creator of AntiGravity® Yoga, Christopher Harrison!

Let there be no doubt that Christopher Harrison is a cyborg sent from the future to terminate bad and unhealthy lifestyle & bring the rise of a new discovery to mankind, the AntiGravity® Yoga.

A new kind of yoga has people flying high.. and it makes yoga more exciting and fun! It's like bringing back the memories of childhood when I was just a small kid on a swing! But way better. Christopher Harrison, a Broadway aerial choreographer, former-world class gymnastics specialist and elite coach based in New York City, is known worldwide for helping countless celebrities to "fly" such as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Pink, and a lot more.

It's like defying gravity so to speak. Dangling upside down and letting gravity do the work. At first, it looks scary to try.. more like learning the art of falling because of the fact that you can actually crash and fall anytime and hey, there really is gravity. I can't just say "Hey, I didn't fall, I was just testing gravity!" or " Hell no, I didn't fall.. I attacked the floor!" LOL It might work though. ;p But this kind of yoga makes my fear of falling feels like tissue paper thin... and Christopher inspires me so much it makes me believe that it only takes a single courageous step to carry me clear through them. Or maybe, all I had to do is as simple as looking up.

"Don't let the fear of falling keep you from knowing the joy of flight." - Lane Wallace

True enough. The difference between fear and excitement in the body is relaxation. In AntiGravity® Yoga, it is important to bring oneself to presence before beginning the class. Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Yoga means union of the mind, body and spirit. It's about finding the inner peace. That is why after doing Yoga, we feel good. And like all the other types of Yoga, AntiGravity® Yoga also makes us feel good and its poses help to realign our bodies, build strength, increase flexibility, and relieve compressed joints. People also call it AG Yoga, aerial yoga, spinal decompression yoga, cocooning. However, it's different from the traditional yoga because it uses a hammock instead of the usual yoga mat... and you are literally hanging upside down in mid-air which is also called zero-compression inversion. The silk hammock apparatus is a structural fabric trapeze that can safely hold 2,000 pounds. It's hung from a ceiling that acts like a soft trapeze, and you'll feel like flying ala-Cirque du Soleil. It makes a huge difference and actually makes it much easier for people with poor, iffy balance and flexibility. Like me. lol

We've learned a handful of yoga poses from the AntiGravity® technique, today’s most talked about yoga routine, which combines yoga principles with aerial acrobatics and dance. It is great for those who want a great core and an upper-body workout. The different sets of moves and poses helps decompress the spine, where you get to stretch your back, alleviate pressure and enjoy the stretch of a lifetime. Christopher also talked about how the poses we have a hard time doing become much easier and how antigravity yoga makes a person taller because of the stretching! Their promise to you is that after class you will be stretched to your maximum height, varying between ¼” to 1 ½” taller, although the effects are not cumulative.

Mr. Harrison’s guarantee: “If one can ‘suspend their disbelief,’ I can bring them to better health and less pain, increase their physical height and allow them to feel the joy of flying in just one class.

Short of sleep or not, I can't imagine a pose more soothing and relaxing than the cocoon pose cradled inside a silk fabric, where the goal is to relax, calm the mind and clear the head.

Here's the other poses. I personally like the stork pose. Simply because it's much easier than the other poses. :)

No experience needed, relaxing and fun. One blogger even did an impressive inverted star pose on her first try.

And I was secretly hoping I could try the “Spiderman” or the "inverted monkey" pose too. lol

So yeah, it's not only for those who have a bad back (healed with its killer back release) but this is also highly recommended for those who likes hanging upside down like Spiderman and Batman, those who likes flying like Superman and Wonderwoman, or even those who loves feeling squeezed by a silk, soft fabric. Caterpillarman? Amf! :D Seriously though, this is for everyone, and for any yogi out there who wants to try something new or who simply wants to make a good impression. :)

Rock on Christopher Harrison and Beyod Yoga for creating another avenue through which people can find inner peace while strengthening both body and mind.

Christopher Harisson, creator of AntiGravity® Yoga and the owners of Beyond Yoga, Ms. Cara de Ocampo, Cathy Romualdez, Chiqui Okol, and Pat Pelayo.

Christopher Harrison will also conduct two days of masters’ class on Dec. 3 and 4, and teacher training next week.

Several hammocks will be hanging soon. Come put your feet up and fly! Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Learn to fly!

Beyond Yoga is the country’s premiere studio offering yoga and dance classes. Beyond Yoga is located at the 3rd Floor, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinian Street, Quezon City. Learn more about Beyond Yoga and AntiGravity Yoga by visiting or call (+63917) 5BEYOND (5239663). Check their website HERE. Oh and don't forget to try Beyond Cafe's 200 Calorie meals! Because 200 Calories never tasted so good! :)

Be sure to like them on Facebook HERE and check out this vid!  AntiGravity® Yoga rocks! \m/


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