Winners of RockstarmOmma Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone! I finally picked the winners for my blog birthday giveaway! Yipiyayow! :)

And I got 5 lucky numbers from :)




So without further ado, the winners are:

Winner for Guess-what # 1: Guess what is currently my favorite phone model.
Answer: HTC HD Mini
Prize: HBC Hair Strengthening Iron

and the winner is... Ara Jurao

Winner for Guess-what # 2: Guess what is the month and day of my birthday. :D
Answer: May 11
Prize: Starbucks tumbler

and the winner is... Vicky Adelen

Winner for Guess-what # 3: Guess what is my favorite movie this year.
Answer: Kick Ass
Prize: Starbucks GC worth PhP500

and the winner is... Cherie Chan

Winner for Guess what # 4: Guess what is my favorite country for summer vacay. :)
Answer: Singapore
Prize: Beach Hut Frisbee

and the winner is... Menchie Obordo

Winner for Guess what # 5: Guess what is my real age. :D
Answer: 2ne9 :)
Prize: 2 authentic MAC brushes

and the winner is... Cha

Note: Winners must respond within 72 hours of notification.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to all who weren't so lucky to get one, don't you worry, I will be doing another cute giveaway again soon so stay tuned. :)

Once again, thanks mucho for being awesome and for all the birthday greetings ♥


  1. Hi Ms. Chelle!
    yey! i won! i won! thank you very much! how do i go about it claiming my prize? thanks a lot again! you ROCK.. ROCKSTAR MOMMA! \m/

  2. Hello Ms. Chelle!
    Wow! I didn't expect i could win :) Thank you very much chelle and belated happy birthday again to you :) Can u email me the details on how could i claim my prize? :) Thank you so much again! Its been fun joining ur contest

  3. thanks hannah.. ^^,

    now, hmm.. haven't received any email from you Ms. Chelle, hope everything is ok in your end.. Take care! Godbles.. ^^,

  4. hi Ms. Chelle,

    thank you so much. . I never expect this. . but again than you so much. . Godbless and More power and bleesing . .

    Ms. Chelle, how can i claim my price? . .thanks

    Menchie Obordo

  5. sorry ladies.. we're out of town.. be back monday.. sent u emails awwready.. thanks <3

  6. Hello ladies!

    Congratulations again to the winners of RockstarmOmma Blog birthday Giveaway!

    You can claim your prize on Sunday May 23 at Starbucks in Glorietta 4 at 4 pm. Sorry but that would be the best time for me to give away the goodies because we're heading home to the province next week. I will take pix of the winners that I'm going to post in my blog and will treat 1 tall frappucino of your choice from Starbucks to those who will be able to come on time. :) On the other hand, sorry to those who won't be able to come on Sunday who would miss the chance to get the giveaway. That said, prize will be forfeited.


    See ya!!!


Any comments, my dear?