Be Kumiko Mae's Rockstar!

Be Kumiko Mae's Rockstar! As her thank you, she would like to invite her lovely readers ( me included) to join in this awesome meet and greet and Rock and Run concert to be held at the Bonifacio High Street on June 19, 2010.

I really wana join because:

I fit in this category..

If you are not a runner, you are invited to challenge yourself and see how each step really does count! TRUST ME, we're in this together!


and this one too!

If you want to meet new people, you are invited to be friendly and energetic!

oh and here's another one..

If you love music, you are invited to witness this exciting concert-slash-marathon with people who share your passion for life!

and last but not the least,

If you want to kick-off mid-2010 with a blast, you are invited to bring your awesome high-spirited self for an evening of fun.

Hey everyone's invited! So join now! Let's rock and run!

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  1. Followed your blog rockstar mommah! :D thank you for joining my contest and... congratulations!

  2. PS this is such a cute entry! i enjoyed how you were like. oh i am this. oh this too. lala. cuteness! excited to meet you!

  3. haha thanks sooo much! see u on sunday! :)


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