Winners of RockstarmOmma Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone! I finally picked the winners for my blog birthday giveaway! Yipiyayow! :)

And I got 5 lucky numbers from :)




So without further ado, the winners are:

Winner for Guess-what # 1: Guess what is currently my favorite phone model.
Answer: HTC HD Mini
Prize: HBC Hair Strengthening Iron

and the winner is... Ara Jurao

Winner for Guess-what # 2: Guess what is the month and day of my birthday. :D
Answer: May 11
Prize: Starbucks tumbler

and the winner is... Vicky Adelen

Winner for Guess-what # 3: Guess what is my favorite movie this year.
Answer: Kick Ass
Prize: Starbucks GC worth PhP500

and the winner is... Cherie Chan

Winner for Guess what # 4: Guess what is my favorite country for summer vacay. :)
Answer: Singapore
Prize: Beach Hut Frisbee

and the winner is... Menchie Obordo

Winner for Guess what # 5: Guess what is my real age. :D
Answer: 2ne9 :)
Prize: 2 authentic MAC brushes

and the winner is... Cha

Note: Winners must respond within 72 hours of notification.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to all who weren't so lucky to get one, don't you worry, I will be doing another cute giveaway again soon so stay tuned. :)

Once again, thanks mucho for being awesome and for all the birthday greetings ♥