After Ondoy, there is still a lot of Filipinos who are devastated, frustrated and incredibly depressed because they lost everything. But when you see them, you still see them smiling albeit the ugly truth and reality that they already have nothing.

In this hour of darkness and in the worst situation, Filipinos continue to show the world the true essence of being a Filipino. Pinoy can smile through all those troubles however daunting they may be. Filipinos always find humor even in the worst circumstances and we always turn every sad situation into something positive. Ganyan ang PINOY! Sa gitna ng TRAHEDYA, may NGITI pa rin tayo! BUO ANG LOOB at PUNO NG PAGASA!

here's some interview of Julius Babao with some survivors,

JB: "Paano niyo naggawang ngumiti at tumawa?"
Survivor : "wala nman mangyayari kung malulungkot kami . Lahat naman po may katapusan."

I strongly agree.

" Di bale na po mawala lahat ng ari-arian, basta kumpleto ang pamilya, ayos lang po," survivor from Montalban Rizal.

Again, I strongly agree. One thing that is quite admirable with Filipinos is that, in the face of tragedy, we never turn our backs on our family. Family comes first. Period.

I thought I was one of those unfortunate ones but realized that you will never know how lucky you are until you see their situation and hear their stories...there is no rich and poor and these people lost almost everything.. some won't even have a place to come home to anymore and some of them even lost lives. But still, I'm proud to say that Filipinos are great people who not only help each other and find strength amidst every storm but can smile through our troubles however daunting they may be.

Caught on TV - Man rescued in a rubberboat asked, "28 na ba ngayon?" Cameraman: "Opo, 28." Man somberly replied, "Bday ko na pala." Rescuers who were paddling hard turned to him in surprise before slowly singing, ..."happy birthday to you..." Even in the midst of devastation the Filipino spirit never ceases to acknowledge and celebrate the gift of life.

I think that's what gives us hope, we value each other's lives and that we're still able to smile and laugh through tough times...tough times that makes us tougher and a wee bit stronger than we think. That makes us a who's losing now? :)


  1. Gawad Kalinga foundation has launched its way to help those families that were affected by the recent catastrophe caused by Typhoon Ondoy. They have a Ketsana Relief page from which we can give our share to help the victims.

  2. Life goes on. This tragedy made our nation stronger than ever.

  3. We have been hit by this typhoon and 5 years from now, naka-recover naman kami! Life goes on|! :)


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