Another TYPHOON in 3 DAYS! (from Julius & Christine Babao) please reblog & please be informed (reblogged from pinoytumblr)

The RAINFALL we experienced in 6 hrs was equivalent to 30 days of rainfall. This broke the record rainfall dated 1967 .

Thousands of people homeless. Helpless, Desperate, Angry, In denial. Shocked.

People could not be saved all at the same time for lack of govt resources , manpower and sheer danger in the rescue efforts. Hence, the delay in the rescue.

This is nature’s wrath and man’s folly put together.

Now dat Peping is 3 days away & we dont know and cant tell for sure just how strong it will be this time, if u live in low lying areas or know pipol who do, some tips for disaster & calamity preparedness for the whole family :

1) LGUs & homeowners associations must quickly invest in rubber/motor boats- for quick response & immediate evacuation of residents in subdivisions. Unless we can all afford AGAIN to wait for help.

2) If possible, have presence of mind: DO NOT panic. EACH able membr of d family mst have his/her own bag with the essentials: H20. food. Clothes.blanket, raincoat, medicines, first –aid kit, flashlight, a whistle, milk, diaper etc. according to one’s most urgent needs. The backpack must contain emergency goods, good for at least 48hrs. MAKE SURE BAGS ARE WATERPROOF or - items wrapped in thick plastic bags for added protection.

3) Bring fully charged phones and extra batteries if possible- you need these when you have to climb on top of your roof again.

4) Bring a small radio with extra batteries to be informed. Bring a list of all important telephone numbers to call in times of emergency or store these numbers in ur celphone.

5) Wag magpakasiguro – use your instinct – lumikas na agad kaysa maiipit at matrap ulit.

Because – ONDOY will happen again … and u will never know when help & rescue will come. Self preservation is a must !

Pls feel free to add to this list of must haves and must -dos for typhoon preparedness.

Pls spread the word.

May God help and protect us all and our loved ones from the next typhoon.


Any comments, my dear?