Watching Cinderella, A Magical Experience

Some months ago, the time when they were just starting to make a buzz about Lea Salonga as Cinderella here in Manila by Rodgers & Hammerstein, I was already giddy and so excited about it. Needless to say, I'm a huge Lea Salonga fan! So I waited until I see the ads about it and as soon as I knew the first showing date, I got the tickets pronto. I wanted to be one of the first lucky peeps to watch it and now I wanna be the first to blog about it. To begin with, the tickets are a bit pricey but I think it's worth it for such a royalty, magnificent show and excellent performance. For me, it's priceless. I also bought the original soundtrack of Lea Salonga's Cinderella and other souvenir program during the intermission. Now, I'm broke. Lol

Oh well, Lea is just as beautiful as ever and I really love her heavenly voice. Her Prince, played by Peter Saiden, is undeniably handsome and charming. He is truly crush-worthy. Their songs are beautifully and flawlessly sang together, for a while I thought their music was like a lullaby. I'm sure if I brought my baby with me, she'll be enjoying it too and I don't have to worry on putting her to sleep. I can't wait for that time when my Maia Chanelle will finally grow up so I can bring her with me to watch it. I admire Lea's talents and her unsurpassed ability to perform well in this musical with her grueling schedule of motherhood with her pretty baby Nicole. I also love the wicked step mother and step sisters' performances. But my favorite part was of course the magical and enchanting transformation from rags to riches in Scene 4 wherein the Fairy Godmother turns the pumpkin into a enchanted carriage, the little mice into horses, and Cinderella into a beautiful princess. I should've brought binoculars though.

I have watched videos of her other performances or musicals in YouTube especially those times when I was pregnant and I wanted my baby to hear beautiful music. Most of them I really really love to watch and listen over and over again and there are also those videos that are dull and so-so to watch. But watching Cinderella is another story. For me, it's a magical experience that I'll truly cherish for life. I hope you guys can watch it too so you can appreciate the music, the grand show and lavish costume of the Cinderella show. You still have a month to go to watch Cinderella. They will play in the Philippines from July 29 to August 24, 2008 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The tour will also play in mainland China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Be Proud to be Pinoy!


Any comments, my dear?