HOVERSPOT=new place to hover=new myspace=new friendster

It is the new entrant in the MySpace-wannabe category, offering profile pages, networking and photo galleries. But they’ve also tried to come up with a unique twist: a points system that rewards users for uploading photos, inviting friends, logging in regularly, adding blog entries and leaving comments. The more points you have, the more chances you have to win prizes like an iPod Nano! I just hope it's for real and not just another scam or social networking gimmick!

All in all, it’s an underwhelming experience and there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before and the points system isn’t all that compelling. But still, I'm uber loyal and an addict Friendster user and I still dunno if Hoverspot is as good as Friendster but it's still worth a try! Meanwhile, you’ll be earning points that can enter you into many contests. And if you really like the site, or just LOVE the logo’s baby, you can go to the shop and buy clothes, bags and teddy bears that bear the logo.

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