Wanted: Odeskers (jobs in Odesk) try it!

I just joined The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk
and I'm loving it and it looks promising! But what is oDesk
all about anyway? Well, for those who doesn't know, it is an impressive web service or Internet startup that provides an online marketplace for hiring global technical talent AND visual web-based collaboration tools to manage remote teams.

A quick check shows a little over 9% of the total active providers on oDesk are from the U.S. , most of the providers as I observe are either Indian of Filipino who usually has a lower pay rate . Some of them are from Russia, China, even a few from Brazil. As we all know, the cost of living here is different in other countries. As a former provider in oDesk
, what i liked about it is that I was paid what I was worth and I also did not have to pay for gas to travel to and from work, daycare costs were completely eliminated as well as a few other work related expenses. Not to mention, I am my own boss and I don't have to deal with some badass supervisors or officemates. Of course, there were issues of trusting the buyer or vise versa but I guess it's all worth it. It's so easy to get started! You just have to register, create an account wherein hey use verification email to avoid spam. Once you confirm there are few more steps like some more compulsory details of your profile, areas of your expertise etc. before the account gets activated. You will need a Yahoo IM to communicate with the buyers. Also playing a bit with your profile is a plus and making it more enticing and attractive won't hurt. Upload your photo, enter your CV, education, skills, set your hourly rate, fill in details on your portfolio. There is a limit to how many jobs or opportunities you can apply to and this limit gets higher once you have your profile complete. When it comes to the limit you can rise it also by taking some of the free tests. I find those test to be of a good quality and fair so this feature is a very good one.
The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

As for me, I’ve been using odesk for the past few weeks. It seems legitimate enough. It is a good way to connect to providers. It gave me a good opportunity to start with some freelance writing.So if you're a WAHM or a freelance writer or programmer or whatever, you have to try this because freelancing is more fun with oDesk! i think it is also easier for us Filipinos to stand-out in Odesk coz we have the best American english in Asia so communicating with mostly American employers is not a problem and that is one great advantage for us in my experience. If you have the skills and the right attitude to do remote work, odesk is for you. So why don't you try it, join the The On Demand Global Workforce - oDeskor click the banner in this post or the Odesk link on my sidebar. :)


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