the WWW blog contest

A new blogging contest has started and the total prizes of this contest are of about $350 value, including $165 in cash. Not bad huh? *wink* And now, I’m making this blog post to be an official entry in this said contest.

All you have to is to do 3 simple steps in order to join the contest!

1. Subscribe to the email version of the feed of the WWW blog.
2. Post about the blog contest in your blog, minimum 150 words.
3. Comment when everything is done!


You're in, you don’t have to do anything to win. Just join and wait for the announcement of winners on March 23, 2008. Five (5) winners will be chosen so everyone has a very high chance to win.

Oh well goodluck to y'all...and g'luck to me! *wink*


  1. hello chelle!

    so you are also an avent user huh?
    wala pa man si baby, may event na ako. hehehe. Good Luck on the contest . I hope you win!


  2. Hello :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Anyway, EC is Entrecard Credits, which you can use for buying ads on 5000+ blogs all over the world, including, etc, buy hosting, domain etc...

    I suggest sali ka sa and join the contest too, will randomly give 34,000ec on randomly picked new user. :) click here for more info

    goodluck sa contest :) sumali din ako :D

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Any comments, my dear?