what I learned today! a breakdown of my daily know-how!

As a woman, never ever apologize for your feelings, wants, beliefs, for being a woman, for PMS, for being a mom, for what you will/won't do in bed, for wanting more out of a partner or relationship.

It's ok if you're not sure about marriage if you think the guy doesn't deserve you..coz I bet you can still be happy without it, more so if you're unsure you ever want to get hitched with the wrong guy. Mostly, if the guy prefer being Single or one whose already committed but still thinks of going solo! amp!

A recent study claims there are 91 ways to hide affairs. #1 way for men? Showing greater interest in their partners...or maybe #92 if I may add, is not letting you know about their other friendster/myspace accounts! amp!

If a guy start ignoring you.. think! and think hard! Is your guy really worth any more of your time.. Clearly he didn't appreciate those things to begin with. Why should he get any of them now? Tsk tsk... thinking... lol


Any comments, my dear?