And I Am Telling You.. yOu're gOnna love hER!

I saw the news and I was really amazed with this 15-year old girl named Charice Pempengco... sheesh! She rocks! She's got an amazingly powerful voice way beyond her years. She even has a better version of the song Listen and she sung way better than Beyonce, though I'm also a big fan of Beyonce. At first glance, I honestly can't remember her by name but I knew her face is familiar and I remember that voice and just so I remembered watching the finals of Little Big Star, wherein she didn't win and that's when I remembered a judge telling her that she doesn't have the star quality but look at her now, she's already an international star, who once started as a YouTube singing sensation and she was even on Ellen Degeneres Show last Wednesday, was seen on E Daily Top10 and who knows, maybe a future intrnational recording artist! way to go girl!...and it's just so sad that someone like her must be first discovered by foreigners before Philippines will list her in the Hall of fame ABS-CBN finally noticed her huh?? nows she really has to stay away from ABS-CBN or GMA contracts! darn colonial mentality! But what really made me smile was those funny faces of those Koreans who just loves her when she guested in their Korean show. lol She earned her recognition for her powerful voice and amazing performance and she truly deserves to be where she is right now. Aja! Aja! lolz