Ready, Set, Race! :)

and these are just few of the teams I'm rooting for!

It started in Singapore which is one of my fave tourist destination and the last pitstop was in Fort Santiago that made them eating our very own exotic food...balot! :)
The Japanese team. Daichi & Sawaka deserve the award for the most well behaved team. There is something about this brother Sister duo that just appeals to me and Daichi is cute!
The Filipino hunks are also one of my faves although the feisty Pam and Van left them eating their dust at the pitstop...but I still believe they are the team that's most likely to win! They're a combination of good looks, hot bods and a little brain and brawn power! Go Team Philippines!
Speaking of Team Philippines, I so love Henry and Trinidad because I find them really funny, hilarious..rubbish! haha and even if Trinidad is a nagging, uncontrollable wife and Henry is retired US Navy officer, and they argue all the time, I still find it sweet that although they scream and shout in the middle they still kiss at the end of the leg like nothing happened.. now thats real relationship :) and good TV too..I personally love them singing the Lupang Hinirang and Henry dancing his own version of Itaktak mo! haha He is cool,funny and lovingly patient with his wife and he must really love her that much to last 13 years of marriage , in short, he is what we called under-de-saya! coz if not, he probably posted an ad saying, "URGENT SALE! mean annoying wife!!!" hehe but seriously,I really think that they really should start pushing the lightning speed button to stay in the race!
Warning: rated RRR! Real random rants ahead!
Sure there's a lot of pretty faces like Paula and Natasha, Aurelia and the lovely Kinaryosih. It's hard to miss the beauties and hot hunks or cute guy like Daichi! Let the droolfest begin! haha OH well...So I'm beginning to wonder what's the real score to be one of their contestants. haha as if I'm planning to be one! haha why not?! BUT! IMHO, it’s cool to put one, two or even three pretty faces from the ‘biz’ in the show. But more than 5 or 6? I think that sums up one unspoken rule of the game is to be a looker and uber famous in your country and you're guaranteed to secure a sure spot in their lineup! or are they just desperate enough to get lots of sponsors, viewers and high ratings that they just looked for the celebs to endorse the show? which is supposed to be a reality TV what happens now with choosing the "real people"? Hmmm... or maybe it's their celebrity edition like PBB! haha I hope I make sense! lol now I'm confused! but still, it's good TV! :)
Lastly, (before I can't stop myself from ranting) aside from Mark and Rovilson, I think Collin and Adrian of Singapore has a fair chance of winning. The most unique pair from all the racers coz Adrian has a hearing disability and Collin is great at sign language! Think about how much advantage they’ll have in the race, as they don’t have to actually ‘hear’ one another. And despite the hearing thing, they are both very determined to win. But hell yeah, I still go for the Philippine Team. :)
So, from next week onwards, I will have to mark this important time of the week and be glued on TV! A Must Watch! Thursday at 9pm, at the AXN channel, The Amazing Race Asia season 2. :) As for me, it's a cheaper alternative of visiting Asia at the comforts of my laziness at home... a weekly addiction for couch potatoes or chronically bored preggers like me! haha so I'll just sit back, relax and see what happens...

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  1. It's nice that TV5 has The Amazing Race Philippines. Definitely watching the series this year!!!


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