Fighting the pregnancy blahs!

Update: The bored ramblings of a pregnant woman! Baby on board! Baby I'm bored!


So this is actually the time when I started feeling extremely bored being pregnant and yes, those raging hormones kick in so my tummy is getting bigger, I can't see my feet! I waddle when I walk,can't fit into my normal clothes and other physical changes that make me feel, well, blah! and it may seem that nine months is taking forever and now.. I'm getting tired of waiting!

That's why I started making a to do list in order to beat the pregnancy blahs!

- blogging or blog hopping or check my Friendster and yahoo mail every time I get extra bored just to pass the time..which happens all the time! lol
- prepare a scrapbook or pregnancy journal. Start with the baby book I bought last month!
- scan my baby's 4D pix!
-watch a movie once a week! Movie marathon! Start with Prison Break season 2 or Heroes 2 :)
- watch Amazing Race Asia 2 every Thursday
- exercise every day, ( I repeat! EVERYDAY! ) which includes treadmill for 15 mins. and stationary bike for another 15 mins. Don't forget stretching, warm up and cool down!
- making myself attractive by taking time to groom myself and putting on some make up to feel better. lol
- shop for baby stuff. Check my list!
- Text galore! Type Unlitxt20 then send to 2870. then text all my friends! lol


So for now,I'm just busy blogging about how bored I am... then take a shower! watch PBB and then sleep! haha

and tomorrow? the mind boggles! I'll just stare out the window and keep thinking about how to fill my time or just try to do what I just added in my to do list! Any suggestions or violent reactions are welcome.