Pimp my Pride! The Filipina Pride: I'm damn proud to be P.H.A.T.!

just finished checking this uber cool site (read: Filipina ) and it inspires me to write something about it.. or something about me...being proud to be PHAT! oh yes I'm P.H.A.T., so what?? and to those haters, you can kiss my P.H.A.T. ass..lol

and if you'll ask me why it feels great to be pinay,

here are the reasons why! ^.^

1. Pinay has the "attitude" We all know that Filipina are not just sexy and smart but has a great personality. They have a close family ties and having a Pinoy Family would really mean something, real closer bond with each family member to the extent of including the extended family members. We Pinay tend to be really close to our familiar I think this is set from the Spanish time or even from the pre-historic period. Our values ties us this much that we can never let anything break into it.

2. Pinay has the pimping pride of our country's natural resources - Who wouldn’t be proud about our lush green virgin *ahem!* forest, our white sand beaches ( BORA! ) and all the beautiful places here in the Philippines. well, I am! :) and I pimp my pride to be Pinay!

3. Pinay cooks best! OMG! I greatly am proud of this look at me and am a living proof that Pinay recipes are one most delicious, delectable, mouth-watering and savory dishes around! I want Lechon!!! Sinigang na baboy! Bulalo! and a LOT more...Haha!

4. Pinay knows how to strut her stuff. We, and that should include me, :) are certified and glammed up fashionista. We certainly know what's hot or not! and we're definitely HOT!

5. Pinay has always been tough and headstrong. We know how to stand up for ourselves and support our own convictions or express our own opinions. We stand up for those we love and we speak our mind and try to do things our own Filipina way.

6. Pinays are strong-willed. We are determined to succeed even in a man's world! We (pinays) rule! Yebah!

7. Pinays are beautiful, glamorous and so fab! Well, that's so obvious coz it definitely shows every ounce of beauty that we have! ahem! :)

I'm uber proud to be P.H.A.T... I embrace the title and I'm proud to bear it coz I don't want to take anyone's crap! I want what I want when I want it and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with that... right? I don't get offended when they tell me I look so Pinay because of the things I say and do.. I hope they just don't say that coz most Pinays don't have that pointed nose, big boobs or long legs...and what's wrong if we're pango?? haha Be proud. Be P.H.A.T. I'm not ashamed of being one coz I have the courage and strength to be me and to be who I truly am! I'm definitely P.H.A.T. and I wear it well!

I'm proud to be P.H.A.T., aren't you??

nuff said.