the Secret to overcome Quarter Life Crisis

hoh well, just finished chatting with a friend who is currently going through QLC (read: Quarter Life Crisis)I'm not sure if it's the same thing as mid-life crisis and guess what, I think that makes us two! sheesh! :)

So lemme start with its definition... QLC= quarter life crisis; a term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the ages of 21 - 29 and you are having QLC if youre having one of the ff:
* feeling "not good enough"
* frustration with relationships, job or career
* confusion of identity
* insecurity regarding the near future
* disappointment with one's job, with someone or whatever
* boredom with social interactions
* financially-rooted stress
* loneliness
* a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you

well, this is the real world! it's real in the sense that many of us feel anxiety when faced with huge responsibilities and hell yeah! QLC rings true! we are bombarded by all sides by pressures and we become very stressed and confused on what we can do and what we cannot do.. and I think it ht me too! I can say that I'm one of those people whose going through QLC. why? well beside from being at the age bracket of twentysomethings, I'm also finally entering motherhood and I don't even have the slightest idea on what I'm supposed to do or what to feel..lolz poor me! but then.. tadah! I discovered the SECRET, I watched the DVD but I haven't read the book yet, though it's a lot of help for me.. and it did make me feel better. and well I guess the Secret is no longer a secret now huh? coz millions of copies are sold worldwide, I even got a pirated copy of DVD (Ooops!) haha and well, there's no secret to the Secret!

What I learned from watching it was that it tells us the secret to life wherein every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health, and abundance. The movie simply states that your thoughts control the universe. Through this "law of attraction" you "manifest" your desires. "It is exactly like placing an order from a catalogue. … You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask." "See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time, with every person." The appeal is obvious. Forget education, effort, performance. Everything you want—money, power, comfortable shoes—is yours simply by wanting it enough.
It says, "You are the master of the Universe. You are the heir to the kingdom. You are the perfection of Life." Just as I'd always suspected! poifect! lol
There are certain caveats though. Apparently, the Secret doesn't comprehend the usual and over-used English usage of the words don't, do and no! So, as I understood from watching it, if u summon the universe by saying, "I don't want to become a loser!", the universe translates this as "I want to become a loser!" sheesh! So what about the Ten Commandments now? If only Rhonda Byrne had been there to tell them about that... but if Secret-speak that it's so easy to get what we why are there still so many people who get what they don't want? Perhaps there are billions of people putting in their orders right now and the universe's servers have crashed or maybe it's something else. As the Secret points out, "Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all humanity's ills, including disease, poverty, and unhappiness." Oh yes, according to The Secret, people don't just randomly end up being massacred, for example. They are in the wrong place because of their own lousy thinking. Cancer patients have long been victims of this school of belief. People who keeps on thinking about their debts will eventually get even more debts. But come to think of it, it's really hard not to think or worry about those things.
It tells so much about positive thinking, that Thoughts Become Things and that we should simply ask, visualize and receive whatever it is that we truly wants. It also encourages us to start big! That it is as easy to get a one peso coin as it is with a million peso. But I thought that asking for a million peso or dollar was like saying I love you on a first date and I don't want to scare the universe so I came up with something that I really really want, even more than hundreds of millions right now, something or someone I thought the universe would find reasonable... and so I tried to connect to the universe's call center that I really want a comfy crib for my baby, an Iphone for my hubby and of course, a healthy,beautiful, bouncing baby girl for us come Jan or February! weeee! Once I did that, I entered an intense state of visualization as if they already existed and act as if I have them already. Although some people might say it's crazy or I'm just being what? lol
So,in order to fight QLC, I vowed to follow Byrne's simple rules for abundance and see what happened. *wink* It's true that we can be in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out and no matter how hard life can be, I don't want to get infected with other people's bummer thoughts and lousy thinking...shoo! shoo! haha kidding!


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    I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further develops, the possibility of downloading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's one of the things I really wish I could see in my lifetime.

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