How I Grow as a Blogger Over the Years

 "Close your eyes, and all that you have dared cannot be undared."

Okay. So here's a quote for you but I'm not sure who said that. It says "Anonymous" but I do agree with her/him.

Start acting like someone you wish you were and you'll become that person. I dare you.

I’m curious: How often do you dare yourself to be the person you want to become right now? If you're thinking of becoming a blogger or influencer, how do you know the "right" way to grow and receive what you desire?

If you’re where I was a decade ago, chances are you’re like, "Hmmm… I'm not sure how often but it's super rare," and it made me miserable. 

Before I continue my TedTalk-ish post, I would just like to put out a disclaimer. I am not an influencer marketing or blogging expert. I'm just a mom of two little brats that writes way too many blogs and social media posts about my kids and so many other things. 

However, I can share a list of things from what I learned and witnessed in my experience as a blogger, as well as some of the things I expect to happen in blogging and influencer marketing world in 2021. 

When I started blogging in 2007, (yes,  more than 13 freaking years!) I don't have much of a life. At the time, it seemed that no one was going to hire me without any previous experience and I had to find some way of either gaining work experience or finding an "outlet" to fight boredom. I started blogging without knowing if it’s truly what I want to do and over the years, I wondered whether my experience in the blogging world was actually more beneficial than my actual degree, which is Physical Therapy.

Knowing the right career choice is difficult in itself, but finding projects from brands that actually want to work with me was thankfully not that difficult. So many doors had opened, and so I never stopped learning. That's why I'm always grateful to PR companies and my readers who support my little blog. I'm super grateful and I still celebrate whenever someone reads my post and leaves a comment. 

Truth is, there's no wrong career choice if it's your choice. And sometimes, the best thing you can do for your career growth is to simply take a leap of faith. 

I had been doing this for quite a while and even though I wasn't able to continue working as a physical therapist, I'm glad I am able to work from home as a virtual assistant and content creator. I decided that it was high time to use the under-utilized skills that I have and serve clients that would not only benefit from it but also value it, while offering me opportunities to grow at the same time.

I'm happy to report that thrown into the deep end from day 1, I have loved every minute of it and I'm excited everyday to learn more along the way! 

My tips to my friends out there:

  • Avoid complacency. 
  • Always challenge yourself to be better. Don't settle. Trust me. Settling isn't going to make your life easier or better.
  • Don't make excuses. It will keep you stuck. You have to DO the WORK! 
  • Learn something new everyday. You're never too old to learn new skills and change careers.
  • Find a job that will give you the satisfaction you seek and deserve. 
  • Be ready when an opportunity comes. Claim it! Opportunities come and go, so if you're not ready for it when it comes, it can be gone just as easily. 

Today, more than a year into the pandemic, people are looking for new opportunities, and would gladly accept any job that they could have. This year is everyone’s chance to look for opportunities and rebuild themselves. Keep seeking for jobs that matter. Keep seeking for work that matches your passion and purpose in life.

So if you find yourself having a lot more time on your hands because of lockdown, spend that time blogging or writing of what you’re really passionate about.

Block out all fears of what other people will think and write about the things you love. Do what you love. Love what you do. After all, love is the root of who we are and why we’re here.

I  hate to state the obvious, but the safest (since we're in pandemic) and most tried and tested way of gaining experience in the blogging or influencer marketing world is by starting a blog and building a social media account. Start a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a TikTok account or even a podcast. 

Don't be afraid to put out all the content you can, and learn about the ways to grow your account. What I mean by that, is a genuine and real-life content on social media that users are going to like, save and share, or can learn something from.

Read more blogs and watch more videos on Youtube. It really is a great way to learn. 

For now, you can read and learn from my favourite lifestyle bloggers like Kaye Basse and Mindy Parisi, if you would like some reading recommendations.

Other than that, you can join an influencer marketplace like Intellifluence. In case you missed, it is the fastest growing influencer marketplace in the world, where bloggers like me get the opportunity to earn money and get free products for sharing honest opinions online. With the help of Intellifluence, you can find opportunities that matches your passion and purpose.

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To be honest, I can only see more and more collaborations and brand partnerships coming to content and influencer marketing in 2021. With social media being a huge craze, brands may start creating ambassadors from different social networking sites to help make a campaign viral. If TikTok started to outgrow Twitter and Instagram, who knows what the social media world is in for? So, again, I dare you!

Do let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me at @rockstarmomma_ with your thoughts! 

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