GrabFood Has Exciting Lent-Friendly Food Choices That You’ll Actually Crave All Year!

With many Filipinos currently observing the 40 days of Lent and preparing for Holy Week, this means paying much closer attention to our meal selections for many of us. And along with the challenge of temporarily abstaining from our favorite indulgences, trying to figure out what to eat and serve on the table can also be quite difficult. But fret not—GrabFood has got you covered, even throughout the Lenten season! 

With GrabFood’s wide selection of sulit, delicious, Lent-friendly meals, you can easily stick to your fast and help curb your craving. Simply tap on the Lenten Choices icon on GrabFood and order away!

Different Cuisines

It may be the season to remove meat from your diets for a little while, but that surely doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great meal either. With cuisines ranging from Japanese, Greek, to Italian and even more, GrabFood has a wide diversity of cuisines to choose from ranging from sulit-busog options, to hearty indulgences. Whatever your craving may be during this time of the year, eat light with gastronomic favorites Tim Ho Wan, Cyma, Peri-Peri, and Tokyo Tokyo all on GrabFood!


Crispy Noodle with Seafood

Salt & Pepper Shrimp from Tim Ho Wan

Healthier, Greener Options

For health buffs and for those wanting to start a greener diet, how about some healthy and refreshing ways to cleanse your palate during the Holy Week, whether as a starter, a great side dish, or the tasty main event of your meal? And listen—salads aren't just piles of boring leafy greens; they can be so much more, and GrabFood shows you just how many ways you can stock up on nutrition while still enjoying your greens! 

Take your pick from GrabFood’s available list of restaurants featuring the freshest fruits and vegetables in town like Something Healthy, SaladStop!, and Juju Eats. You can even choose among meatless options in places such as Goldilocks, with lighter options such as their fresh lumpia and meatless laing! 

Fresh Lumpia from Goldilocks

And even more to look forward to – Something Healthy and Healthy To Go will both be open for 24 hours for the duration of Holy Week – giving you the option to satisfy those late-night cravings whenever they come around!

Hearty Soups and Meals

Switch things up and order a meatless yet very satisfying meal for Lent, with both vegetarian and seafood soups available on GrabFood. GrabFood features slurpable, soothing soups guaranteed to suit all tastes, alongside other Lent-friendly dishes, with partner restaurants such as Sen-Ryo Philippines, Manna, and Pho Hoa.

Fried Rice Paper Rolls from Pho Hoa

Towering, Delicious Sandwiches

Packed with flavors and a nutritional punch, a sandwich has always been a classic and convenient way to get all your desired flavors in just one grab! 

Not only can they be filling and offer a nice change from the ordinary, but they are also especially versatile as the ingredients you can experiment and fill sandwiches with are virtually endless! Experience this first-hand on GrabFood, with the tastiest sandwich choices from Subway, Banh Mi Kitchen, and Route 27 Gourmet Sandwiches. 

Seafood Galore

Seafood has long been a classic guilty pleasure for many Filipinos – and luckily for us, seafood is considered Lent-friendly! Whether you’re looking for scrumptious shrimp, savory crabs, easy-to-eat sushi, or nutritious fish meals, seafood will make sure you get a satisfying meatless yet protein-packed meal in time for Lent! 

For those wishing to get their seafood mix, Kuya J’s Restaurant, Dampa Express, and Red’s Fish Heads all have dishes you can dine on heartily during the holy season. 

A Dessert Light on the Tummy and the Soul

The perfect Lenten meal wouldn’t be complete without something sweet to top it off. For most of us always craving for delectable desserts following a hearty meal, Grab ensures this craving will be met while still remaining sinless and suitable for the Lenten season!

Let refreshing milk tea beverages from Hey Henry!, and sweets from Forget Me Not Cafe cap off your day on a soothing and relaxing note, only on GrabFood.

No matter the season or craving, GrabFood is the greatest go-to app for culinary adventurers. Plan out your everyday Lent meals with GrabFood's sulit Lenten Choices, featuring dishes from merchants such as Bowlsome, Mean Greens, Manna, Go! Salads, and more!

In observance of Lenten Season and Holy Week, please be guided with GrabFood’s merchants’ operating hours from April 1–4:

April 1 (Maundy Thursday): Regular hours (10 AM–8:30 PM)

April 2 (Good Friday): Closed

April 3 (Black Saturday): Regular hours (10 AM–8:30 PM)

April 4 (Easter Sunday): Regular hours (10 AM–8:30 PM)

For more information on the operating hours of GrabFood merchants for Holy Week, you may also visit the GrabFood app.

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