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Today is February 15th. Tapos na ang Valentine's Day! Kumusta naman ang heart nyo, mga mamsh? I hope napasaya kayo ng gifts or kahit yung simpleng effort na love letter or sincere na kiss from your loved one. Sana lang maging consistent pa rin yung love, sweetness at effort throughout the year. Hindi yung pang Vday lang.

If walang ganap, that's okay. Better luck next time. Char! lol Basta't magkasama kayong dalawa or kumpleto ang pamilya. Mahalaga din na healthy ang heart natin so kickstart your heart-healthy lifestyle with the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge and follow the tips below.

Here are 6 heart-healthy tips:

1. Maintain a healthy weight.

It's the key in controlling your blood pressure and lowering your risk of heart disease.

2. Exercise. Get active.

30 minutes of activity a day can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

3. Stop smoking.

Your risk of CHD or Coronary Heart Disease will be 1/2 within a year.

4. Get a cholesterol check and know the warning signs.

Heart attack symptoms often look different for women.

5. Take your meds.

If you have a heart disease, carefully take any medication your doctor has prescribed.

6. Eat healthily.

A diet low in saturated fats can lower your risk of heart disease. Truth is, we tend to disregard the effects of the food we consume. Even though fast food and processed goods are becoming staples in our daily meals, many don’t take into account their nutritional density.

In a recent survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) , they found that one out of two adult Filipinos has borderline to high cholesterol mainly because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Our inclination towards fatty foods contributes to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, based on the latest report of the Philippine Statistics Authority, heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the country.

Quaker, the number 1 oats brand in the world, aims to lower cholesterol for better heart health management among Filipinos through the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. First introduced in 2004 in the Philippines, the challenge was developed to demonstrate how adding oatmeal to your daily diet helps reduce cholesterol. “Oats is a common cereal noted for its heart benefits, owing particularly to its high soluble fiber content called beta-glucan,” says Dr. Rodolfo F. Florentino, Immediate Past Chairman-President of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. “Scientific studies have shown that beta-glucan is capable of lowering the cholesterol level in the blood, particularly LDL-cholesterol,” he adds.

The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge aims to help individuals lower their high cholesterol in just 30 days by making one simple change: incorporating two scoops or eight tablespoons of Quaker oatmeal daily, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. This challenge was created to help adults learn about and develop heart-healthy eating habits, especially now that more and more individuals - including more and more young Filipinos - are experiencing heart problems and high cholesterol levels.

L - R Jake Brandon Andal - RND, Public Relations Officer, Philippine Society of Nutritionist-Dietitians, Dr. Rodney Jimenez - Director, Philippine Heart Association, Kay Paras - Quaker Marketing Manager,  Kit Pha

L - R Neri Miranda - Actress and Vlogger, Nadine Tengco - Health Coach, and Nadia Montenegro - Actress, Cook, and Vlogger

Health coach Nadine Tengco shared how simple, convenient and tasty an oats-filled diet can be. Also, she created a variety of sweet and savory recipes to complement the 30-day Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, perfect for young Filipinos who are looking to take better care of their hearts. Make your own oats breakfast jars with recipes like Coco-Choco Oat Jar and Oats n’ Mango Breakfast Jar, or step up your morning pick-me-up with Oats n’ Raisins Banana Mug Cake or Whipped Egg-Whites n’ Oats. “Incorporating oats into your daily diet need not be boring nor complicated. It’s easier and more accessible now than ever to kickstart a heart-healthy lifestyle,” shares Nadine.

Quaker oats is available in instant, quick, and rolled oats format. And is also available in a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Banana & Honey, Chocolate with Milk, Milky Original, Beef & Carrot, Chicken w/ Mushroom, Banana bites, Fruit & Nut, and Tropical Fruit.

Make the smart move to take good care of yourself. Get a FREE cholesterol check. Join the #QuakerSmartHeartChallenge and help lower your cholesterol in just 30 days. Plus, get a chance to win smart watches, fitness bands and more amazing prizes!

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