First Aid Essentials to Get Your Kids #ReadyForTheNexAdventure

The cool breeze in February has encouraged more kids to take their playtime outdoors. The playgrounds provide them the fun and exercise that they need, but there are certain risks involved, namely injuries or “boo boos” as I like to call it in mommy language when I’m tending with my toddler’s cuts and scrapes. Between running around too much and trying to climb the staircase for the nth time, it may seem like my toddler gets a new boo boo every other day.

While getting cuts and scrapes is just part of growing up, knowing what to do and having a first aid kit during these situations can help you avoid more serious mishaps for your children.

That’s why I always bring a first aid kit that is fully stocked with just about everything we would need in an emergency to treat minor cuts and to prevent my kids from getting infected by viruses.  It’s perfect for traveling, home, outdoors, and emergency preparedness.

Every parent needs to have a first aid kit and be aware of the emergency situations that can happen to kids (and people in general) anywhere at anytime.

This first aid kit contains products from a leading and trusted brand, Nexcare, that gives the best first-aid care for my family especially the little ones. Trust me when I say, when your child is protected with Nexcare, no wound or scratch can stop them from playing and having fun again even after they fall.

So what’s inside my First Aid Kit?

Nexcare hygienic earloop mask – Best defense against ncov and other viruses, fluid-resitant, light weight, highly breathable, and can filter dust and bacteria
Nexcare cooling fever patch (easy to use, reduce fever naturally)
Nexcare non-stick pads (highly absorbent with soft pad that won’t stick to skin or wound)
Assorted Nexcare sterile fabric bandages (breathable and blends with skin) that can help protect minor wounds from infection. It can keep the area moist, which may promote healing.
Nexcare waterproof transparent film dressing for abrasions, cuts, minor burns, scalds, etc. (Very easy to apply and remove, stays on in bath and shower)
Alcohol, Hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes can sanitize your hands when soap and water aren't readily available. Sanitize before and after treating the wound.
Antibiotic cream/ointment

Once you've gathered all the first aid essentials for your first aid kit, you'll need a way to keep them clean, dry, accessible and organized. You don't have to buy a fancy medical bag or expensive container. A water resistant makeup bag, or a small pouch with several compartments can work well.

Here are three easy steps you can follow to clean the cut:

Step 1: Apply pressure on the scraped area for 5 to 10 minutes to stop the bleeding.
Step 2: Wash the wound with clean tap water.
Step 3: Apply an antibiotic ointment on the wound and cover it with bandage or any sterile dressing.

Minor cuts and wounds can be easily treated at home, especially if you know the proper first aid steps. However, you must know when it’s time to seek professional medical attention.

Ask medical help if:

The injured child has large scrapes or deep, complicated wounds, which may require stitches to stop the bleeding.
The child’s injured body part is oddly bent or misshapen.
The child feels intolerable pain and numbness on the area.
The bleeding doesn't stop after 10 minutes of direct pressure.

It’s hard to find out what’s wrong with an injured child so here are additional tips on how to tend injuries.

Avoid asking leading questions like “does it hurt?” because the inevitable answer will always be YES! Instead, ask open-ended questions like what’s the matter?
Come down to their level, sit down or kneel as you talk to them.
Use simple words that a child will easily understand. Don’t use scientific or adult terminology of body parts.
Keep your voice as calm as possible and reassure your child that he/she is being brave and that the "ouchies" will be gone soon.

Remember, it is best to be prepared because you never know when you’ll have an emergency. No parent wants to see their child upset or in pain, but kids will be kids! Young boys and girls love spending time in the outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and it increases the risk of cuts, scrapes and wounds as well. But there’s no need to worry because with Nexcare by your side, you can help your kids face all of life’s stumbles and falls and you can make them always ready for the NexAdventure.

As a mom, I could not recommend this brand high enough. The cost of each set of bandage or face mask for confidence and reassurance in your child’s safety is such a tiny price to pay. I don’t doubt that you’ll probably find yourself wanting to try the Nexcare neon bandages too. My toddler even said it’s so cool!

So let them run, jump, and play all they want. Fill their childhood with fun memories while giving superior protection against minor cuts and scrapes they incur along the way. Full steam ahead, but safety first, last and always!

Happy weekend!

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