Get Ready to Shop@FWD | Steps on How to Buy KanDüü Plan Online

What a great way to start 2020! I am FINALLY insured! Yey!

My brother who is a financial advisor has opened my mind about the benefits of financial planning/financial security and changed the way I feel about insurance. Importante pala talaga ito momsh, because YOU NEVER KNOW. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

It may not be useful today, but in the future, when accident comes, or when illness or death comes. We will never know when it will happen. Lagi kong iniisip yung kahit wala na ako, paano na ang family ko? But if you are insured, the only thing you are sure is, your family's future is secured.

Someone will pay during sickness, accident, and death. The question is who? Your insurance. And you can have PEACE OF MIND. PLAIN & SIMPLE.

Recently, I discovered KanDuu, a set of insurance products that covers you from death, critical illness, or accidents so you "Can Do" and pursue all the things you love. I can't believe how easy and convenient it is to get insured. Quick and hassle-free! Super "sulit" din kasi for only Php 1799/year, insured ka na! Na-amazed lang talaga ako how accessible insurance is with Shop@FWD.

FWD Philippines takes care of your family’s future needs so you “KanDuu” all the things you want to do, now.

Obligations at home (and at work) often make it difficult for parents to find the time and energy to go after the things they personally want—starting a new sport, attending a cooking class, taking up photography. Yes, pursuing your passions while raising a family is hard. But it’s not impossible. If the Instagram Moms on your feed can do it (although what you see on social media isn’t always true) so can you!

Compete in your first triathlon. Solo trek through Nepal. Finally take that baking classes. Wreck dive in Coron. Turn your little passion project into an online startup. Imagine all the things you can do when you’re confident and secured enough to accomplish them—when you don’t have to worry over your family’s needs should anything happen. As impossible as it seems, you can really, truly, have it all!

To do it, you have to be willing to do what it takes to make it happen, including and most importantly, financial planning. Saving up enough funds for a dream trip or to start a passion project is one thing. Securing yourself and those you love so you can go for it without a single worry is another.

If you think it’s expensive to buy life insurance, but you’re paying for your shopping binge, a new phone or daily milk tea or travels and other gala? Luh! How much is Php 1799 per year or 4.92 pesos a day for a peace of mind? Have you even checked how much is it per day of confinement when you get critically ill? Nope? Ayun lang.

So, if you have a family/someone who depends on your income, and if you love them, make sure you’re fully covered. Go ahead and do it!

Whether you’re an avid traveler, a fitness buff, or a lover of life, there’s a variant that’ll suit you—KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard. And did I mention that aside from securing you and your family, each comes with really awesome rewards?

Designed with wellness warriors and health buffs in mind, KanMend gives you a cash benefit of Php100,000  once you get diagnosed with any of the 42 covered critical illnesses. Its welcome reward: Six months’ unlimited access to KonsultaMD’s 24/7 telemedicine service. No need to leave the house to consult with licensed Filipino doctors. All you need is to call.

KanLive has a cash benefit of Php200,000, in case of death and this reward: One-year unlimited medical consultations at any Aventus Medical clinics, nationwide.

Love to travel? Have a thirst for adventure? Want to live life on the edge? KanGuard gives a Php500,000 cash benefit in case of accidental death or disability due to terror attacks, anywhere in the world. Its reward? One-year global emergency services by Assist America for travels.

Who knew you’d someday shop for insurance online the way you’d shop for gadgets or limited edition bike parts? Who knew getting insured is as fast as picking that shade of red lipstick you don’t already have? True to its vision to change the way people feel about insurance, FWD has now made insurance more accessible, affordable, and covetable to more Filipinos via

If you’re 18 to 50 years old, you can purchase KanDuu online for only PhP1,799/year at, FWD PH’s new online insurance marketplace.

Here are the steps on how to buy online:

Buy online at Shop@FWD and get approved in minutes!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Choose one Kanduu plan you want to purchase  (why not all??)

  • KanMend
·         Protection against 42 critical illnesses

Reward: 6 months’ unli KonsultaMD telemedicine

  • KanLive
·         Essential funds and protection for your family

Reward: 1 year unli medical consults at Aventus clinics

  • KanGuard
·         Payout for accidents or terror attacks, worldwide

Reward: 1 year global emergency services

Step 3: Click “Buy Now”

Step 4: Fill out the application form and upload one valid ID,  and you’re done. You’re insured!

Step 5: Review application form summary and product summary

Step 6: Pay online via debit or credit card

Step 7: Expect a welcome email and SMS

Quick. Hassle-free. No medical. No paperwork. You just need a valid ID for verification. And with FWD’s insurance app, Tapp, you can access and manage your insurance and rewards, anytime, anywhere.

Go to to purchase your KanDuu insurance now!
Want to know more about FWD Life Philippines, part of the pan-Asian insurer FWD Group? Visit: 

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