10 New Virginia Christmas Hams Worth A Try This Holiday Season

So much ham, so little time.

Some Filipino families (like mine) make sure that one dish takes pride of place on the holiday table — and that’s a big ball of ham.

So glad I was able to sample some Christmas Hams from Virginia Food, Inc. It's a meat processing company based in Cogon, Compostela, Cebu. The company has been providing the Cebuano community with quality canned and frozen meat products since it's inception in 1992. Among Virginia Food, Inc.'s brands are Virginia, Stefan's, New Yorker, Big Shot Hotdog, Winner, El Rancho, Australian, Champion, and Vinta Sardines.

This holiday season, there’s a lot of ham to choose from BUT not all hams are created equal! Luckily, there are delicious hams from Virginia Food, Inc. Virginia's range of hams are locked in with flavour and rich in taste. All their products are made using the best quality ingredients.

Below, the 10 best Christmas hams to try this holiday season.

Season’s Delight Ham

1. Season’s Delight Ham

Make sure Virginia's Season Delight Ham is the centerpiece of your holiday table! It's my fave, and I promise this ham would not ruin your Christmas. This one was the first I tasted and I wasn’t disappointed when it comes to appearance, aroma, texture and taste. It had the right combo of sweet and salty,  with a hint of sweet-sour pineapple taste which I really like! Available in read-to-serve 1kg size.

Pear-Shaped Chicken Ham

2. Pear-Shaped Chicken Ham

Satisfy your palate with the richness of Virginia’s Chicken Pear-Shaped Ham, a ham blended with the finest ingredients to give you that sweet aroma and uniquely juicy flavor. Available in ready-to-serve 800g size.

Pear-Shaped  Ham

3. Pear-Shaped Ham

Elegantly molded and mildly seasoned, it’s a guaranteed holiday delight that’s definitely worth the price. Available in ready-to-serve 500g, 800g, and 1kg sizes.

Black Forest Ham

4. Black Forest Ham

I think this is NOT more ham-like in colour BUT it is exactly what ham should taste like. It's a German-inspired whole muscle ham delicately shaped into a ball. It has a distinct color created by smoking. The unique smoky flavor profile makes it different from your ordinary ham.

Jamon de Bola

5. Jamon de Bola

A round-shaped ham that is made from choicest ingredients of ground meat and spices. It is coated with glaze and has a sweet-salty and smoky-meaty flavor. Available in ready-to-serve 1kg size.

Pineapple Ball Ham

6. Pineapple Ball Ham

 Made from whole muscle meat delicately shaped into a ball, this traditional Christmas Ham Treat will leave a lingering sensation on your mouth with its well-blended taste, rich aroma and juicy texture. In approximately 1kg size per piece, ready-to-serve.

7. Brick Ham

Virginia Brick Ham is a square-shaped ham made from carefully selected ingredients. The product is coated in a specially made pineapple glaze. It has a juicy and tender meat texture with a meaty, sweet-sour flavor profile. Available in ready-to-serve 500g size.

American Tenderized Ham

8. American Tenderized Ham

A delectable spiced leg ham, cured with a slight hint of smoked flavor, sugar-glazed and tender to the bite! A Christmas feast must-have! Available in 2kg – 3kg piece.

9. Smoked Crown Roast Ham

 Slab of tender pork back ribs, tied and shaped like a royal crown. Meticulously seasoned and spiced, smoked and dried to give that sumptuous ham taste. Available in 3kg -5kg weight per piece.

Chinese Fortune Ham

10. Chinese Fortune Ham

Made from whole muscle meat pieces, this ham is fully cooked and pre-sliced for ease in preparation. It is a round shaped ham with meaty texture and salty-meaty-smoky flavor

You can also serve your favorite pasta recipes with Virginia Pasta and Spaghetti sauce! Super yummy!

Give someone a bag of happiness with our Virginia Christmas Treats! It's a perfect gift idea for your friends and family. Avail the Virginia Christmas Bag of Treats on Shopee:  https://shopee.ph/virginiafoodinc  Available in leading Supermarkets nationwide.

Check out the nearest outlet to your area here: http://www.virginiafood.com.ph/FactoryOutlet.

Wishing y'all a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love and happiness. ❤️

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