Swipe White with the New Closeup White Attraction Naturals

Note to self: If things go wrong, don't change. Let it pass.

But if you're a coffee lover and milk tea addict like me, don't pass up a chance to try the NEW Closeup White Attraction in Natural Smile (Lemon essence and sea salt) and Natural Glow (Coconut extract and Bamboo charcoal).

FYI: Coffee, tea, and other colored beverage are the leading cause for yellow teeth! 🙊 Good thing there's Closeup White Attraction Naturals! Formulated with a combination of natural ingredients and gentle whitening properties, it helps get rid of yellow stains that regular toothpastes just cannot take away! 😁 Plus, you'll get visible whitening results in as early as 2 weeks! 😃😍

So, #SwipeWhite for a naturally whiter smile. 😁 BONUS TIP: Always use straws when drinking or, rinse with water right after drinking.

I personally love the Natural Smile variant. The flavor balances the lemon essence and sea salt, and helps you get fresh breath and white teeth.

Lemon is known to whiten teeth, remove stains, give fresh sensation and remove bad breath and odor; while Sea salt is known to whiten teeth, strengthen gums, remove all bacteria and plaque, neutralize pain and kill germs. Combined with intensely fresh lemon flavor of Closeup, your smile has everything it needs!

PRICE: Php 76.00 (100g)

It really tastes nice and clean. And true to its claim, it helps whiten my teeth. It brushes off the stain of coffee and tea. It really feels fresh and minty every after brush even after couple of minutes. So yep. This product is really amazing. But I’ll wait for 2 weeks for better and whiter teeth. :) So far, fresher breath lasts all day. Yay!

Thanks, Closeup!

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