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Kirby Cruz has been in the fashion game for almost 9 years. He started his career in 2012, as part of the Mega Young Fashion Designers competition and then he stopped to focus in their family business. But it wasn’t a total disappearing act and now he's back with a bang! The young fashion designer is relaunching two designer brands as local, non-traditional and super gorgeous.

Enter the Fashion Hospital (for off-the-rack pieces and ready-to-wear gowns) and  Kirby Cruz (for couture custom-made pieces). Trust me, these are pieces you’ll have forever. Something that was made to last or that you can wear again.

The Fashion Hospital

It's a brand that offers off-the-rack designer clothing for those who have last minute event to attend and doesn't have time for custom made outfit. Kirby allowed a tiny glimmer of a glimpse and exclusive tour into the Fashion Hospital. It's a 6-story building personally designed by Kirby himself. He showed us his collection in an environment that invited us in and allowed us to experience the world of Kirby Cruz from the drinks to the dresses and everything in between.

It was amazing! Such a notoriously disease-centric place for those who are PATIENTly waiting or looking for a solution to help alleviate their fashion symptoms. Standing in the showroom, you'd almost think you were in a museum. Each piece is a work of art. Hanger after hanger, you’ll find stunning pieces that you'd buy as soon as you'd want to wear to an event.

The Fashion Doctor 

Arguably one of the most conscientious and talented fashion designers in the country, Kirby believes that a fashion designer is a miracle worker. Just like a doctor who cures fashion illnesses. And yes, he’s on call 24/7.

The Fashion Cure

The Kirby Cruz brand provides made to measure treatment collection and personalized custom pieces with a touch of Kirby's signature designs such as double collars for men's line, and bold handwritten prints for women's. They can be worn in different occasions, any day or everyday. Oh, and I love that no two pieces are the same, and are designed to overcome such fashion symptoms to hide flaws and incorporate figure-flattering silhouettes and fabrics.

The Fashion Show

It's amazing how a street in Manila was transformed into a runway. Oh, and every painstaking detail goes into every inch of clothing Kirby puts on a runway, just like a grand elaborate production.

Check out my favorite pieces from the Sheer collection:

Blending high fashion with customized functionality, the fashion show showcased his collection that is designed to inject some awesomeness into your system. It includes fashion staples in vibrant shades of red and yellow, along with party-ready fabrics and beautiful prints. His style is a lot less complex and a lot more haute and wearable, even with a unique pattern or a print of baybayin or alibata on it.

Bb Pilipinas International 2019 Patch Magtanong 

Kirby Cruz with Awra Briguela and  Kira Balinger 

And if you've ever been curious to witness the creative chaos that takes place in the hours preceding and during an explosive fashion show, then check out the Fashion Hospital Highlights on my Instagram Story.

Trust me, Kirby Cruz is a big designer name to watch, and he can sing too!!! Now that, my friend, is a way to make a statement on the runway.

I believe that Kirby Cruz is not just about the clothing or the brand. It’s about the "feels" (one that makes you look good and feel good) when you are wearing it.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel and experience a tailor-made masterpiece by Kirby Cruz. Visit the “Kirby Cruz” and “Fashion Hospital” at 1317 Felix Huertas Rd. Santa Cruz Manila.

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