Things I've Learned from Ogalala's Toddler Exploration Playdate

Let's be honest, it takes years for someone to figure out the exact definition of a toddler.

As for me, I can define my toddler in 3 words; ANGEL, SOCIOPATH, RABID. Bold and all caps para intense. Um.. You will see all of these sides depending on the time of day.
  • Angel  
I truly adore my 3 year old son, he is the source of my happiness. He's a sweet and clever little guy with a lot of energy! I wake up to his smiles and "I wuv you's" every morning,  jumping on the bed and smothering me with so many hugs and kisses.  He's an angel talaga lalo na pag tulog or bagong gising. :)
  • Sociopath 
However, he is the exact opposite of his Ate Maia (super prim and proper) and has caused me to question everything I ever thought I knew about parenting. He is quite strong willed and none of my parenting techniques work with him when he starts getting fussy. Sometimes he doesn't like to play with other kids, and demands TV or Youtube way too much it makes me crazy I wanna go to Mom cave.
  • Rabid 
Sometimes he cries so loud and makes a noise (at intense decibel levels) that causes a significant damage to my CNS. Sometimes he throws his toys at me in desperation as I try to stop him. Sometimes he kicks or punches me during diaper changes. I'm guessing it wasn't personal but he's been kicking me in the womb.  And even when we're asleep, there are still unexpected “rabid toddler attacks,” momsh! So don't be surprised if you see me on the next episode of Toddler Attacks... a helpless mom is mauled by a rabid toddler.

Seriously, I have a truck load of patience but I guess I'll need to dig deeper for more. There are times talaga that I am really struggling with the tantrums/breakdowns that my son has. I can't help but wonder if I struggle so much with my "very" spirited toddler and sometimes, it makes me feel like a failure as a mother.  He has started daycare for the first time a week ago and I want him to have friends, but I get frustrated because we go over this set of reminders every morning.

Teaching him to share, for example, is a tough one. Annnnd a few other things like; No hitting. No tantrums. No screaming. No Youtube, which is actually the hardest part, if you ask me. I admire parents who can do it with no screen time at all, but by 8 p.m., it's either put on a video for my toddler or spend a few unpleasant hours fighting with him. I figure he's earned a break after an active day, and it frees me up to put him down in peace.

I'm also thankful for the support of other moms who are encouraging me to trust my way (despite the second-guessing and self-doubt) and to know that I am all that my toddler needs. My little one will have it no other way than my way. And my way is still his way so I just let him be. I let him play and explore new things. After all, he's a toddler.

When he has one of his major tantrums, like he's gonna go into complete tantrum mode, I whip out the phone and some snacks! Also, distracting him with a toy works too, just to keep him busy and lessen his screen time.  I always bring his favorite snacks, toy and Crayola with me, or just grab anything off my bag that he can eat or play with. I guess hunger (and part boredom) is the reason why he's cranky so keeping things interesting and active and keeping him fed has helped us.  

– L-R: Grace Laspona, Christine Navarrete, Teacher Tanya Velasco, Chot Fernandez, Maye Yao – Co Say, Lisette De Guzman – Peralta and DonnYpil

Ogalala recently held a Toddler Exploration Playdate last June 29 at the Ogalala Shangri-La Mall Store. Teacher Tanya Velasco showed moms that free play allows kids to develop key skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation and teamwork. 

So, how do toddlers learn?

I've learned that they learn best through play, from mastering a new skill like placing blocks in a tower and gleefully knocking them down again (and again and again!) to learning to share by offering up a variety of open ended toys.

It helps a child in exploring about everything and working things out for themselves through new experiences. Play is indeed the work of the child.  Exploring also gives toddlers a chance to work on important motor skills. Whether it's kicking a ball or putting puzzle pieces together, they can persist until they get it right.

Doing so not only adds skills, it boosts their sense of confidence and competence. In other words, they begin to think: "I can do it!" 

What do toddlers learn through play?
  • Learning how to share 
  • Learning how to compromise
  • Learning how to take turns and negotiate
  • Learning how to use their creativity while developing their imagination, physical, social, cognitive, and emotional strength.
  • Learning how to express their feelings and how to bounce back from disappointment
These are important skills for toddlers. However, it involves a lot of big concepts for little children to grasp and takes several years to develop with the parent's patient, positive encouragement and role-modelling. And of course, these things are so much easier to learn through active play. Ogalala World has a huge collection of pretend play items that can ignite their imagination, and toys that can fully engage their senses.

Super love the Crayola washable markers and crayons because my toddler is an emerging artist who likes to try his hand at wall art! LOL Specially formulated to wash clean from skin, clothing, and even painted walls, I never have to worry about my toddler making a mess on our wall. Plus, I don't have to worry about his safety because their crayons are completely safe and non-toxic.

Teacher Tanya said that in order to develop creativity, put out just 3 toys and watch how your child plays with it. You'll be surprised. You don't need to teach them how to play, they already know. You just need to encourage an environment for creativity.

Maye Yao – Co Say has been exposed to the toy market for over 20 years. She has seen year by year how new products are introduced. She realized it was not just about the product but the inner motivation of the brand owner. What are their values and purpose? Do they align with one’s parenting perspective? In short, she likes “personal” toys. She likes toy makers who “see” moms as a child’s first teacher and not just a source of profit. That’s why Ogalala picks brands not because they are the most popular, but because they have a great heart.

Melissa and Doug is a real life couple with 6 kids, who for her, is her mentor for learn through play.
The Learning Journey comes up with the most thought out products like Technogears action blocks from their daily interaction with kids at their own day care.

Ogalala believes parenting need not be too overwhelming. That’s why Ogalala developed "Ogalala System in Play and Care" with the aim of helping parents to understand parenting little by little. Our mission is to "SIMPLIFY PARENTING" by raising a HAPPY and FULFILLED KIDS with TOOLS that SIMPLIFY PARENTING for PARENTING for DEVELOPMENTAL AGES of 0-8 years old.

The Ogalala ”IT STARTS WITH O” program provides a list of 15 Essential STEAM Toys that are a helpful guide for parents who want to get the most of out of their money and be able to maximize the toys they have. They are 15 EASY TOOLS that grow with your child and help them in every milestone. Enabling you to start your little ones in learn through play journey early, easily and effectively.

But wait, there's more...

Some of these toys are on sale UP TO 80% OFF during their STEAM Fair this entire July! 

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  1. True po,ibat iba talaga ang mga behavior nang mga kids,pero kaya nga dapat lagi din talaga tayo may mahabang pasensya para sakanila. Ang sobrang laking tulong din nang mga Educational toys para mas madevelop ang kanilang behavior. Thanks for sharing this momsh. 😉😊

    1. That's true! Ang cute and smart ni LJ, momsh! Maganda rin talaga ang way ng pagpapalaki mo sa kanya :)


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