Mang Inasal’s Palabok: Your Solb sa Busog Merienda Buddy

Omg! Merienda at Mang Inasal has become more exciting with the introduction of the new Palabok!
Now made more satisfying with the added meat, Mang Inasal’s Palabok is really a good value for your money at Php59 for the solo serving.
With the prices of goods continually increasing, diners need not settle for whatever cheap fare they can find.

Whether with your college buddies or with your officemates, make Mang Inasal’s flavorful Palabok your new delectable merienda meal. Eat your way to its rich, savory thick sauce topped with meat, pork chicharon, tinapa, spring onions, and hard-boiled egg. Squeeze a piece of calamansi and taste the citrus spark every bit of flavor. Yummy!

For a satisfying and value-for-money Palabok merienda, head on over to the nearest Mang Inasal with your friends and family. Other options include the Palabok Value Meal at Php73, and the Palabok Party Pan at Php259. (Prices may vary in selected areas.)

Favorite nyo rin ba ang palabok sa Mang Inasal? Let me know your favorites!

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  1. Sarap nito Momsh, aside sa unlirice and fave inasal chicken, eto din order namin ni hubby 👏 busolve kasi , tamang timpla lang


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