This Is What A Mom's #ZeroWorries Life With The New Best Ever Joy Is Like

If you're a mom, you’ve probably wondered what a zero-worries life is like, and asked the question, “Am I living my life with zero worries?” Well, today I thought I’d share how the Best Ever Joy can keep a mom's life worry-free, so you can finally have your answer once and for all.

So let's start with a simple FACT. A mom’s life is full of worries! I’ll admit it. I’ve said the words "What if" and "Hala! Paano na?" aloud or thought them many times.

And I’m guessing you have, too.

Moms not only worry about what could go wrong in their lives but also what could go wrong in everyone else's lives. They also worry about the germs and grease that stick to their pots, plates, glasses and lunch boxes. They worry about the family budget and if the household items they buy are the best in quality and cost.

When worry strikes, it prevents us from being the mother we want to be. But wait, papatalo ba tayo sa stress and worries, mga momshies? Instead of worrying and thinking how bad your problem is, think of how great it is to lead a zero-worries life. It could always be better, so it's super important to look at your worries and problems from a different perspective.

If  today seems like the Monday-est Tuesday ever, be happy, because you are one day closer to the weekend! 

If you feel exhausted and tired in the morning, be grateful that you have the rest of the day to rest, re-energize and do the best you can and that’s what truly matters!

If you have a dirty kitchen counter and crumbs under the table, remember that there are quality products for your home to help you out so you can make your home a happy place for your children to be.

If you have dirty dishes, be grateful, because many people don’t even have clean plates to eat from. 

Super dame talagang worries that steal our peace and happiness. Negative thoughts that fill our minds with doubt and our hearts with fear. But guess what? With the new Best Ever Joy, all those worries can be washed away! 

Doing the dishes is now easier, faster and better because of HOD, the powerful ingredient in Best Ever Joy. HOD is an amphiphilic polymer that locks in grease better and prevents it from attaching again to dishes when rinsing plates, sponge, sink and hands. This innovative new formula promises ZERO SEBO* as the new Best Ever Joy breaks grease faster and more efficiently, keeps grease suspended in the wash solution, and rinses off more quickly. This also results in the powerful cleansing suds lasting longer and preventing the need for more product on the sponge.

Parents and children can now quickly wash up after eating and spend more time bonding together. Because of the powerful new formula of Best Ever Joy, moms and dads are assured of ZERO SEBO — even though they used less product and spent less time washing, the plates are still completely clean of grease and germs.

That means #ZeroWorries over time, energy, cleanliness, and budget. And remember, momsh, you are one drop away from leading your Best Ever, Zero-Sebo and Zero-Worries Life because of the new Best Ever Joy!

The new Best Ever Joy comes in a limited offer of only Php99 for the 495ml bottle. Joy is available at all supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. Joy is a quality product of Proctor & Gamble. For more information and updates on promos, follow their Facebook page,


  1. di ka manghihinayang bumili ng Joy kasi alam mong sulit di amoy sa plato.

  2. relate ako dito. I have so many worries as a mom , di ko maiwasan. But then, lahat naman magiging worry free kung balance natin.
    Sa cleaning partners naman, we need something na maaasahan like Joy�� bilis makatanggal ng sebo kaya i have more time wd kids. Time consuming kasi mga hugasin eh instead na sa kids napupunta eh busy sa hugasin lalo na if may stubborn food stains. #ZeroWorries Momma here


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