Celebrate Mother's Day with the New Malagos Chocolate Collection from Max's Corner Bakery

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so why not treat the most special woman in your life with a world-renowned confection made even more delectable by Max’s Corner Bakery?

Now available at your nearest Max’s Restaurant stores, the Malagos Chocolate Collection features the distinct and pronounced taste of the Malagos chocolate. Made from high-quality cocoa, it is a single-origin fine flavor chocolate that has garnered over 25 local and international awards.

“The Malagos chocolate is a highly-praised delicacy from Davao that boasts of a unique flavor profile,” said Max’s Restaurant Chief Operating Officer, Paolo Serrano. “It is truly unlike any other in terms of taste.”

Made with layers of moist chocolate fudge cake, crunchy feuilletine in melted chocolate, and fluffy mousse made more decadent with Malagos chocolate, the Malagos Chocolate Mousse Cake is nothing short of indulgent. Topped with rich whipped cream and garnished with chocolate syrup, Malagos cocoa nibs, and dark chocolate shavings, it is everyone’s chocolate dreams come true.

Get the Malagos Chocolate Mousse Cake for only PHP699, and watch your loved ones float to chocolate heaven with every bite.

Also available are the Malagos Brownies and Malagos Caramel Bars, bite-sized treats that are fudgy, moist, and bittersweet. Fused with melted premium Malagos chocolate and topped with sliced cashew nuts, these Malagos pastries are two sweet and delightful ways to celebrate with loved ones.

The Malagos Brownies are yours for only PHP160 for a box of 6, while the Malagos Caramel Bars are PHP115 for a box of 9 and PHP237 for a box of 18.

“We are very delighted to include the prized Malagos chocolates into our selection of Max’s Corner Bakery offerings,” shared Serrano. “People from around the world have been raving about the Malagos chocolates and it’s about time that we bring this award-winning chocolate closer to more Filipinos.”

Head to your nearest Max’s Restaurant and have a taste of the premium Malagos Chocolate Collection from Max’s Corner Bakery. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant.

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