Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Christmas Party 2018 at ICON Hotel Timog

I wore this Wonder Woman costume for Mommy  Bloggers  Philippines' Christmas party  at  ICON  Hotel Timog and quite frankly, I loved it and there were so many photos that it felt like such a shame for them to never see the light of day, so here’s a blog post!

Photo Credit: Benj of Ben&Brent Studios

I wanted to share this with you guys because if you’re like me who's slowly becoming more like a "lola" or granny who seldom have time to party (which I feel like you are if you read my blog, right?!) then you don’t dress up very often and if it means being uncomfortable, then it just ain’t happening!

Oh well, believe me.. when you're nearing 40, PARTY is NOT EXCITING .. NOT EXCITING at all! I don't drink alcohol (iced tea at milk tea lang) and I really don't like to party a lot (told you, I'm such a lola!) but I love to socialize and have a good time with fellow mommy bloggers who really inspire me to become a better mom. I loooove MBP so much, so medyo nag-effort ako, besh! Haha

So here... meet Wonder WoMOM / Wonder Woman. The smaller and mommy version, of course. :)

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I've been part of many blogging communities before, but have never been part of one that was SO supportive. MBP is a great community to be a part of, especially if you're a mommy blogger like me. I'm so thankful to be part of a truly CONNECTED community where mommy bloggers gather in a "real party" without kids in tow just to have fun and chat about our blogs, ganaps (and inevitably, life!). I like to think of it as the "lamyerda party" for mommy bloggers— a day where we can dress up, let loose and most importantly, to celebrate our craft as bloggers. Ang saya lang! :)

I won’t spoil all the fun for you, so I hope you can watch my VLOGmas Day 1 vid to see what went down at the #MBPChristmasParty2018. And one more thing you should know: if you watch until the end, you'll hear some exciting news. :)

This year's theme is "MBP  at  the  Movies"  and the venue, ICON Hotel Timog, is just perfect. The  hotel  highlights famous movie icons  from  around  the  world.

 Plus, the  hotel’s  elegant amenities, yet  affordable rates  makes  it  most  ideal  for  a  celebration  of  holiday  glamour. Check out some photos of their rooms here.

The winners for the Best Dressed and Icon of of the Night were selected by an esteemed panel of judges from Icon Hotel. This year’s party though, was made all the more special because I won the Icon of the Night award, which was really unexpected, because I just got the costume an hour before the party. Buti na lang kumasya, besh! LOL

Everyone enjoyed the food, raffles, and exciting games. The #MBPChristmasParty2018 was made possible by the generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community.

Thank you to ICON Hotel Timog who supported and made our get together possible!  ICON  Hotel  Timog  offers  Christmas  Party  Packages  for  events and holiday  gathering. Their  buffet  restaurant  has  some  Yuletide  offerings  specially  prepared  for  the  coming  season.

A BIG Thank you to the sponsors of Mommy Blogger Philippines Christmas celebration; Pampers, Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons, Ariel, Lilys Peanut Butter, NGP, Lemon Square, Welchs Sparkling Juice, Crystal Derm, Cheez Whiz, Kids Company, V&M Naturals, Joy Dishwashing, Gardenia, Goya, CAT PR, Tim Hortons, SkinWhite, McDonalds, Daiso, Safeguard, Nisce MediSpa, Lorem Ipsum, myfinanceplanner by Tipid Mommy and Robinsons Supermarket.

Thank you, Mommy  Bloggers  Philippines, for the invitation. This year's MBP Christmas party was truly memorable, and this has got to be one of the best parties ever! It was quite the experience because for one, it was my first time to wear a costume in a party. Two, I love spending a day with my fave mommy bloggers in one amazing event.  Last but not least, it's really an honor to get invited to the most awaited party or gathering of mommy bloggers in the Philippines.

Also, congratulations to the lovely mommies behind MBP; Mommy Lani, Mommy Louisa and Mommy Joy, for organizing such an amazing event!

PS. Don't forget to join my VLOGMAS giveaways on my Youtube channel: . :)  Make sure to join now to get a chance to win amazing prizes. Woohoo!

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