Barbie Wrap the Holidays in Pink at SM Megamall Fashion Hall

Hey lovelies!

I got to thinking yesterday about what to do this weekend, and I asked myself…

“What’s the one thing I could do for the weekend and make my daughter get the most out of it?”

Then it hit me!

What if we go to the Wrap the Holidays in Pink Barbie Holiday event?

So yep, that’s exactly what we did! We explored the world of Barbie at the SM Mega Fashion Hall yesterday. We enjoyed a lot of fun-filled activities, from decorating her own cupcake to crafting accessories!

The little Barbie girls wearing their most fabulous Barbie outfit strut the runway at the fashion show! PLUS, we got a chance to meet and greet real Barbie LIVE! Yay! Watch my VLOGmas vid on my Youtube channel for a sneak peek!

Also, we received cupcakes and pink  Barbie themed Toppers from Red Ribbon. It’s a super sweet mom and daughter bonding time! We designed Maia's very own pink cupcakes with colorful icings and sprinklers! If you like doing DIY stuff, you can go the extra mile to show how much you love your kids by customizing your child’s cake or cupcakes with fun and cute toppers that are sure to make them the happiest during their birthdays. These colorful and fun toppers prove that it’s the small things that make all the difference.

Of course, all kids deserve to feel special on their birthdays, and for most parents, there is no better way to show their little bosses just how special they are than through thoughtfully-planned celebrations, made unique with all their favorite things.

A top kiddie-favorite for birthday celebration is a themed party, making the best birthdays into even better ones. That is why I'm giving away 10 Php500 McCelebrations Party Discount Certificate for your next party. Yay! McDonald's has new McCelebrations Birthday Party Themes! Say hello to Barbie, Thomas & Friends, and Hotwheels!

Follow Barbie Philippines to know more about their events, announcements and surprises.  

Happy weekend, lovelies!

 ❤ ❤

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