Here’s Why Weekend Fun is Actually Good for the Kids

As a work-at-home mom, I do get the best of both worlds. I make motherhood and blogging or content writing my full-time gig. I'm super grateful that I have the freedom to make my own schedule, and be able to spend all day with my kids, and contribute to the household income.

But sometimes, I worry about my kids because they see me at home but I'm busy working. Like I'm near yet so far. Ang drama, I know. :( I'm "home" but I’m on the laptop, and not able to give them my full attention. That is why I "don't work at home" during weekends. 

It’s time away from work. More importantly, it’s the perfect time to have some fun with the kids. And that’s not just fun—there's actually a wealth of benefits that come from spending fun weekends with the kids.

Weekend play is healthy. And it’s easy to understand why, with all the movement and horseplay involved. It doesn’t even have to be very active. Regardless of activity, just having fun reduces stress and helps the immune system—for both kid and parent! Use the time to make up for weekdays spent at work.

It helps with school. Who knew that weekend fun actually helps with school? Playing games with your kids develops communication and problem-solving skills, which they’ll use a lot in the classroom. On top of that, research also shows that kids who bonded with parents were more likely to aspire for further studies, compared to those who do not have such a bond.

It teaches them how to deal with others. Move two spaces forward! Skip one turn! Playing fun games teaches kids about rules. More importantly, it also teaches them about acting appropriately in a social environment. These interpersonal skills have benefits later on in life, where there’s more interaction with other people.

It gives them the best role model. When you play with the kids, you can be sure of one thing: your kids are watching you. And they will imitate what they see. Have fun, but remember to give them something good to grow up to!

The fun lasts way beyond the weekend. If you’re the type that loves to bond with the kids over some food, keep it up! Studies show that kids who share meals with their parents develop positive moods well into the crucial stage of adolescence.  This also helps them to have a more positive view of the future.

The small breaks in between playtime do more than just let you catch your breath—use it to catch up on precious time spent apart. Make it count by bonding over games and something equally fun to snack on, such as Lemon Square Fun Square.

It’s made with fresh ingredients, and can be enjoyed in many fun ways—warmed in the oven, drizzled with toppings, or just eaten straight out of the pack. It’s an easy way to make weekends more fun! After all, real bonding moments go well with snacks made from real goodness.

So mommies, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to make weekends a part of your parenting gameplan.

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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