Korean Jelly Lips are just a Swipe Away with the new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks

Korean beauty has always been the favorite of many Filipinas, with women looking to K-beauty trends for skincare tips or the latest ways to play with makeup. So while you’re still gathering all the products you need for the 10-step skin care routine, a simple jelly lip is a great way to get that dewy shine and supple look in an instant.

The new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks are made in Korea and are well-loved by K-Pop groups to protect their puckers, which means you’re getting the ultimate and highly recommended benefits straight from the land of great skincare. Known for its ability to attract and retain moisture, the brand’s OG petroleum jelly is the key ingredient of the Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks which gives you moisturized, healthier, and softer lips with just one super quick swipe.

By helping heal dry and cracked lips, Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks make sure whether you choose to add a little color to your pout or go beautifully bare, your lips become healed while getting that enviable jelly gloss. With four different variants, there’s a Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick for every occasion under the sun (and every purse in your closet): 

Original is perfect for those who want seriously fuss-free skin care. It’s unscented and uncolored, thus making the real beauty of your lips glow. It’s also loaded with Vitamin E and petroleum jelly which works every day to give you healthier, smoother lips and keeps dryness at bay.

Rosy Lips can be used on its own to give a soft glow to the lips, or used as a moisturizing base to enhance the color of your lipstick. Petroleum jelly locks in the moisture and helps heal dry lips, while Almond and Rose oil provide all-day smoothness.

Aloe Vera is the ultimate au naturale must-have. The soothing properties of aloe vera extract are doubled with the effects of petroleum jelly to make sure you get jelly lips which stay soft and hydrated.

Cocoa Butter is for those who want a little sweet treat every single day. The light scent of dessert will make you feel like you’re pampering yourself while the combination of petroleum jelly, cocoa and shea butter makes your lips oh-so-soft. 

With the new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks to help heal your dry lips, you’ll surely have the dewy shine anywhere and anytime in just one swipe! We look forward to seeing your jelly lips on Instagram! #RealJellyLips #VaselineLipPH

The new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks is available in Watsons branches for Php 99 SRP. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/VaselinePhilippines.


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