The Keys to SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre's 3 Years of Success + Accufirme Review

When we think about it... I mean, REALLY think about it.

Being a parent can't be that hard right? Mmm.. Nakakapagod din kaya. Hahaha 😁 I think we can all agree that parenting (or mommy-ing) ain't easy. Even being a good wife or a good friend takes energy.

There are things in life that need to be looked after. And you (yes, you! Your skin and body) are one of them. For real. You don't have to feel guilty about having a little facial because you deserve to be pampered.

You are not vain, spoiled or selfish for taking care of yourself. We take care of ourselves so we can take care of our family. That's why I put a lot of value on health and wellness, which is one reasons I revisited SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre with my beautiful friend, Christine, to indulge in some skin and body treatments.

Some of the famous TV personalities and celebrities who frequently visits SvelT'I are Chef Jeremy Favia, TV 5 News Anchor Marga Arenas-Vargas, Ms. Tourism International 2018 Jannie Alipo-on, and seasoned Actor Jeffrey Santos.

Cheers to 3 years of success and unwavering commitment of SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre to its customer!

Excelling in the beauty industry is always more challenging as compared to any other industry. Customers of skin care clinics are often more critical, demanding and are always looking for value for their money.

But, for the past years, SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre has been successful in consistently providing utmost skincare and beauty treatments to its wide array of customers. Now celebrating its third anniversary, chief doctors of SvelT’i Dr. Marjorie Lalaine Salazar and Dr. Anne Caoile share their secret in keeping SvelT’i one of the best clinics right now.

“Consistency in everything is key,” enthuses Dr. Marj. “From the first day that we opened up until now, our service and commitment to our customer have never wavered, it only got better” she adds. As a matter of fact, she proudly shared that at SvelT’i, utmost customer service is key. For the past three years, each medical professional from the clinic—doctors, registered nurses and licensed therapists, has been giving ample time and attention to each client, patiently understanding the requirements of each so that they can give the right treatment recommendations because at SvelT’i, it’s not just about the cost, but also the impact a treatment will have on their customers.

“I remember there was this customer who has been to every beauty clinic we know of, yet, those clinics weren’t able to help her with her concerns. When she enrolled in SvelT’i, she was a bit hesitant because of her prior experiences but we assured her that we are different. We deliver results and we deliver them well. We made sure to address the root of the problem and provided her with the right solutions and treatments. Now, she is very happy with the outcome and is one of our valuable customers,” shares Dr. Anne.

It might be a challenge to come out as the best and gain customer loyalty in an industry laden with many competitors but, SvelT’i was able to retain its clientele and even captured more customers in their 3 years. Asked for their secret in retaining customers, Dr. Anne shares, “The customers feel that they are well taken-cared of. From their first check-up to the latest, the doctors know what treatments they need and we make sure that there are results. Whether big or small concerns, we ensure our clients that we provide solutions to their problems. And that is our continual promise to them.”

What I really like about SvelT’i is that it religiously keeps up with technology that is valuable to its clientele. SvelT’i only uses state-of-the-art machines and equipment and knows the latest trends in the beauty industry. One of its newest offerings in their line of minimally invasive treatments is their thread lift treatment. Unknown to many, there are many kinds of threads for different uses and SvelT’i has been using them to suit the different needs of its customers. Dr. Marj explains, “Before each patient undergoes any thread lift, we thoroughly explain to him/her the effects and benefits of the said procedure. Even if they don’t ask, we offer the explanation so as to educate them and prepare them for the procedure.” And in keeping with their promise of beautifying with the aid of the latest technology, SvelT’i uses 5th generation threads, which is the latest of its kind in the market. Only the best from the best!

And as their way of thanking their loyal customers, SvelT’i is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a blast! Lucky customers will get the chance to win an array of great prizes such as free treatments worth 25k, 50k, 75k and a grand prize of trip for two to Tokyo, Japan! So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now and see, feel, and experience the difference only with SvelT’i.

I've tried their Body Toning Accufirme (Upper and Lower Body) which is a slimming solution for when you don't want to work up a sweat. It includes tummy, arms,  thighs, and upper and lower back. Promise, besh. Effective sya! It will help you burn calories minus the exercise and the hefty price tag.

It uses Electromyostimulation (EMS) for muscle toning and strengthening equivalent to 225 sit-ups in 30 minutes! The current will be adjusted to fit your preference. I was told that around 5 to 10 sessions are recommended for more visible weight loss. Plus, you can have it as often as every other day!

SvelT'i promises you only the safest, most effective skin and body treatments to make you look and feel your absolute best. Each treatment is done in one of their 17 well-appointed rooms by clinical specialists and licensed nurses. Only advanced equipment and technology are used.

To know more about SvelT’I, you may inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also visit SvelT’i FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.

 So momshies, if your week has been a little rough like mine has, stop, breathe, have that ultimate #treatyoself day at SvelT’I, and remember, there will be better days. 😊

Prioritize taking care of your skin, mind and body, your future self will thank you. 😊

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