6 Ways to Have Germ-free Rainy Days with Biogenic Alcohol

The rain is here and while you may think that it won’t do much for you and your family's health— think again.

Well, I personally love the rainy season because of the cool weather (read: bedweather) and I have the reason to wear boots and my fave hoodie. Oh, and the immense pleasure of drinking a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of  hot bulalo soup. Mmmm... Cue music: The Bird and the Bee's How Deep Is Your Love

But it can be a little harsh too! During rainy days aka cold and flu season, infectious bacteria, germs and viruses are extremely active due to the high humidity brought about by torrential rain.

Luckily, there are rainy day essentials and simple precautions we can take to keep our family germ-free. Also, I'm happy to receive a wonderful care package from Biogenic Alcohol to keep me and my family germ-free.

Seriously, a little care makes a big difference. Here are six ways to keep you and your family germ-free this rainy season.

1. Wash your hands and sanitize with Biogenic alcohol for that extra protection.

To keep you from getting colds, cough, and influenza, regular hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Then, make sure to disinfect with Biogenic alcohol for that germ-free feeling.

2. Take a bath regularly. I know the struggle is real because the cold water makes it tempting to skip the shower. However, it is important to maintain personal hygiene to wash off the germs and bacteria from your body. So be like Elsa. Because, the cold never bothered me anyway.

3. When outdoors, keep a bottle of Biogenic alcohol in your car, or pack a bottle in your bag or your kid's hygiene kit. Use it before and after meals or after touching shared surfaces. Also, encourage your children to avoid sharing their school supplies such as pencils, sharpener, etc. with their classmates.

4. Stash away a pair of extra clothes. At the moment, the rains continuously lash outside and it's easy to get wet during rainy days. Walking around with your wet clothes is like inviting a virus party into your body resulting in a flu. The worst part? You might bring home that cocktail of germs to your home. So it's good to have some backup clothes ready, especially for your little ones in school.

5. Make sure to keep things as germ free as possible. Seriously, the microbes are at play during rainy days, and they lurk on every surface you touch.

Here are some of the major germ hot-spots:

  • Your work station or your kid's desk in school. Believe it or not, your desk is one of the most germ-prone things and it is way dirtier than your toilet bowl.
  • Your phone is by far the germiest and filthiest stuff around, teeming with germs that can make you sick! FYI, viruses such as the flu can survive for two or three days on desktops, phones, and computer keyboards. 
Don't wait 2 or 3 days, besh! Clean and disinfect your desk and your things every single day through application of Biogenic Alcohol that works best at killing germs around you. Spray alcohol first on a tissue paper/ paper towel then wipe and clean the desk, laptop, computer keyboard or phone. 
  • Your kid's backpack! It carries more than just school supplies. The germs are all over the place, especially in school, and the backpack is like the collector of germs. So clean your kid's backpack regularly. Make sure the lunch box and extra clothes are packed in separate bags to prevent cross-contamination of germs.
  • Your makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria. So wipe your makeup brushes with alcohol when you don't have time to wash them. Do not share makeup because you can easily transfer infections this way.

6. Stay in

The flood water is a hotbed for germs, bacteria and viruses. It's where you can get many kinds of diseases – from skin irritation, diarrhea, leptospirosis and more. So if there's no need to go out on a rainy day, just stay home, keep warm, relax, or watch TV.

So there, these are just a few ways you can keep your home clean and germ-free during this flu season. Enjoy the rainy days simply because…

your kids love it.  

Do you have other health tips you can share with me?  Please feel free to share and post them below.

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