Biore Unveils New Body Care Serums Perfect for Filipinas

I'm not sure if you will agree with me but I think sunscreens are no longer just for those lazy days on the beach. Skin experts have established that a UV skin protector should be part of every Filipina’s daily skin regimen to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

Apart from the ageing effects of unprotected sun exposure, the Filipina’s skin also has other skins stressors that she must contend with on the daily. The modern Filipina woman must deal with a polluted commute, every day work stress and all in the tropical glare and heat. Skipping a good skincare product increases susceptibility to the signs of premature aging and worst, skin cancer.

Aggravate that with pollution in the city and nothing can hide the effects of not using a proper
skincare product for protection. But all is not lost for the Filipina’s skin - not with a daily UV body serum and good skincare regimen that protects from both the sun and other factors.

Japanese skin care cult-favorite brand Biore unveils Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum, the latest addition to its coveted line of skin care formulas. The latest skin line was formulated based on the needs of today’s Filipina – from the nuances of her Asian skin to the everyday skin stressors that she faces. We want Filipinas to have a daily option that’s great for sun protection plus added benefits. Biore UV Body Care Serum protects the skin daily from the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays. Its Superior Double UV Block with SPF 50+ and PA+++ promises to shield the skin from UVB rays that cause dark spots, freckles, and sunburn, and protects it against UVA rays that cause premature aging. While the SPF factor alone of Biore UV Body Care serum is already impressive, this amazing product is still surprisingly light-weight and absorbs in the skin easily.

Biore UV Body Care serum also boasts of an Anti-Pollution Shield that stops pollutants right on their track making it a perfect skincare product for Filipinas. Formulated with mineral water from Japan, the ultra-lightweight serum prevents skin dehydration and spreads and absorbs easily, leaving the skin with an invisible finish. Biore UV Body Care serum will leave no white residue, no oily finish – just fresh and sun-protected skin.
•    Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti Pollution Intensive White – PHP399.00 | 150ml

Biore UV Body Care Serum comes with two variants: the Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum in Extra Moist which offers next-level skin care with Vitamin B3 for moisturizing; and Intensive White, which promises a fairer and brighter skin in 14 days with Vitamin B3 and Yuzu Orange extract.
•    Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum in Extra Moist – PHP399.00 | 150ml
Available in Watsons, Landmark, PCX, Metro Department Store and Beauty MNL

Now is the best time to put your sun-protected life in high gear and Biore UV serum is skin’s first line of defense.

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